Sunday, October 2, 2016

3.0.1 Clay Toilets

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, we said goodbye to Vivian, and built a new house.  The girls Avian and Arrian were creepy and grew up to be teens.  Jillian and Hunter both reached their LTW.  Hunter became an Elder and his wife rolled up impossible wishes.  We ended it all with a trip to China and a spouse hunt for Jillian!

This time, we start off with a birthday!

Doesn't she look excited?

She looks a bit like Jill to me, but again, I can't tell facial details apart, so /shrug.

Because Arrian is both a Virtuoso and a Savvy Sculptor, I put up a sculpting station and shove a guitar in her inventory.  The rest is up to her.

She rolls the wish to improve sculpting first, but I don't count that because everyone else did too.


Hunter:  Heheheh


Jill seems to be a popular choice for heiress - the house is always crowding her as soon as she wakes up.

Those sunny days are far away, Jill.  It's now winter, the time of year when kids don't go to school.

Arrian decides to try out sculpting.  That is a LOT of clay.

Adrian continues to be ignored / glared at by Jill.

Lillian is Artistic, so along with Adrian and Hunter, the family's easels are seeing a lot of use.

...why did you have so much clay if you were going to make it that small?

It's a pedestal!  I put it in her room.

Also, why is there an axe missing from the station?  Is that a throwing star?!

After her sculpting adventures, Arrian busts out the guitar.

Jillian does most of the cooking, but people have been getting sick off of it.  Avian decides to risk it and makes her own waffles.

This is no longer the fireproof stove.

Despite trying to eat each other's faces, these two are still in love.  Angelina's never minded his evil trait, and Hunter embraced her family-oriented trait.

Arrian:  Ahuhuhu!

I mean, it kinda looks like your mom, doesn't it?

Jillian makes a very important phone call.

How sweet!  Never mind all that flirting they did during their Midlife Crisises.

It's Liang!  He chooses to hang out with Adrian, but doesn't look happy about it.

Liang comes over for snowflake day, and we once again shove the presents in the most awkward place possible.


Jillian:  Hm, you've come all the way from China and I'm wearing my cutest dress.  What should we do now?

Of course!

Also, why did you change into your dress for this?

We invited family, plus Hal, who seems like family.  He's been around for so long now!

That's elder Lucas thinking about Logan, who's thinking about Trigger, who's thinking about Susie, who's staring into space.

Also, Vivian!

The family is kind of huge now!  (And the ceiling is still missing, gah).

Mr. Hare on the left next to Liang invited himself.

Even the maid gets a gift!

Liang boo's Hunter's half-sister Susie.  I know you live alone with your mother, but this family is complicated.

...Mean D=

Mostly, everyone got lamps.

There are so many picture-taking fails here.

Hunter builds an evil snowman :o

Lillian breaks in the reading corner I built for her, and avoids the booby-trapped seat too!

Arrian made a globe, so I put it in adventurer Jill's room.

Lillian:  So do we ever go to school or...?

Not during winter, honey.

The next day, Jillian gets Liang to move in!

I can't tell if he's happy about it or scared, but Liang has a new home.

These two aren't married yet - they have plenty of time before there's space for babies anyway, so I'm letting them go off their own wishes.  Liang keeps his last name for now.

The Fairy Tale Finder completely baffles me as I had no idea there were even unicorns in the game, let alone how you adopt one.  I did some googling, and I'm still pretty hazy on it.

Also, his favorite color is black.  I hope he likes all the white I used to decorate this time.

We put Liang's handy trait to good work.  The Dishwasher and both computers are also broken.

His neat trait is nice too.

Peggy the Maid:  He's doing my job!

Then my computer bluescreens, and it's Snowflake day again.

I waste no time and have Liang moved in and dressed again before the party even starts.

Vivian mocks her ignored brother.

And my walls are down, wow.  So many fails this chapter.

I can't name this one, so I guess it isn't a living gnome.

They get less lamps this time.

I am very flippant with my Sims' lives.  He came in with 8 Athletic points, 2 in Martial Arts, but no Handiness points.  Ah well.

To everyone's surprise, the day after Snowflake day is actually a school day this time.

Liang came in with a different LTW this time - now he wants to be a World Renowned Surgeon, so he gets a job in medical as an... Organ Donor?  That seems suspicious.

And I breathe a sigh of relief that I don't have to figure out unicorns yet.

I've not had two elders at the same time before - since I let them go on freewill, they talk to each other a lot.

Jillian's still learning recipes - and she's chosen to do so one of our four igloos.


Is it obvious I have a favorite for the second heir?

Hunter tries his hand at sculpting and shoots clay into his mouth and eyes.

These two don't autonomously interact, probably because I make them skill all the time, but they do roll wishes for each other.

I'm not sure why he's pointing at her, they just kissed and I missed it.

Angelina still squeezes in a workout most days, even though she's maxed the athletic skill.

Ollie Dog :(

I make Adrian build a snowman so I can take a picture of him doing something other than painting or writing.

I don't know that clay toilets will catch on...

Also, she's having a mood swing.

Adrian tries to mix it up with a hockey snowman, but...

Arrian:  Loser!  I made that one when I was a child!

Jealous he's getting some camera time, Arrian?

Arrian breaks out her guitar again and stomps everyone's freewill.  I end having to give them tasks to get them to stop.

The girls both love grilled cheese, but it's finicky when it'll let Jill make it.  She finally whips up a plate for them.

Arrian rolled Renaissance Sim for her LTW and wishes to learn painting, which will be her third skill unless she rolls another skill-based trait.

Evil Hunter strikes!

Isn't this relationship beautiful?

That's all for today folks!  Happy Simming!

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