Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3.5.5 Growing Pain

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Arrian gave birth to Xing, and Jill gave birth to Yu Jie, while Sheng and Tai become children.  As is tradition, Arrian caught fire, and toddlers were adorable.  Tensions were still high between the all of the adults, except Hunter, who's enjoying living into his 100s.

This time, cute kids!

 Sheng is the next one to use the springy-death-trap thing.

At least the snow will cushion his fall.

I'm still not sure who I want Arrian to marry, if anyone.  Hunter seems determined to live forever anyway.  But I keep a close eye on who's interested, and it seems Tiberius has been sending inappropriate pictures the old fashioned way.

Xing annoys the entire Snowflake Day party, which is kind of getting out of control.  There's at least two or three people here I didn't invite.

Sheng didn't have time to hit the toilet before present-opening began.

Poor kid - everyone stares at him and stops opening any presents.

And that was that holiday.

Hunter mostly keeps to the nursery these days.  He's the most loving evil Sim I've seen.

Arrian adds another potential mate to her book.

Tai:  I just wanted to watch TV.

Tai also had an IF doll - Apple - but I never once saw him play with her.  This is Yu Jie with his doll, Peach.

Liang broadens his scope to hitting on Hunter's sister, instead of just Arrian's.

Even though he has a perfectly good bedroom (that he's keeping from Arrian by living this long), Hunter prefers to sleep in the rocking chair.

Arrian's still working on her sculpting.  She's doing well in her career.

I don't know what level she is, I didn't keep track.  I'm not sure why I even took this picture.

At some point I realize you can upgrade the nectar machine, so here's Liang, giving us Improved Pressing.

Arrian breaks herself away from her sculpting long enough to teach Xing how to walk.  See?  She's not a terrible mom at all.

Then, after hitting the shower, she changes into mysterious clothes and hair.  She's not pregnant, so I have no idea what this is.

I also learn that nectar making machines can break.


Tai usually hounds Jill for some reason, but Sheng likes to play with his little brother and cousin in the nursery.

Like elders, I tend to leave my kids on freewill unless they have specific wishes.

Liang:  There, I fixed it.  Do you forgive me now?

Up to the readers, not me.

Sheng and Xing share a birthday!

Liang's at work, but the rest of the family gathers to watch.

I couldn't find a hair I liked for Xing, so now he has a hat.

He's also a Vehicle Enthusiast.

I also found Sheng hard to dress - I'm getting too many boys.

Sheng is now a Loner.

Looks like these two have made up.

With Yu Jie about to leave the nursery, Hunter finally ventures out and begins painting again.  It's been awhile.

Spring rolls around.  While I wait for the plants to defrost, I replace the little-used playground with a Martial Arts place, plus the Miner Sebastian made.

Why are you outside?

Arrian: I don't know...

You hate the outdoors!

Arrian:  Yeah, I'm going in now.

I'm sure Sheng isn't irritated by his half-brother/cousin at all.

I also place the fortune cookie machine.  Hunter tries it out for us.

Is this a sales pitch?

Jill tries to do laundry, but Prince is guarding the door to the laundry room.

Jill:  No one does the laundry anymore.

Your mom used to :(

I manage to forget Yu Jie's birthday!

He's pretty cute.  Maybe Jill's eyes?

/can't tell

He's now a workaholic.

Tai tells a ghost story to the bushes.

Arrian:  You gave my bed away to Yu Jie.

Yeah, you can just use Hunter's.  He's not using it anyway.

Prince relishes the chance to sleep with his master.  Aww.

The school bus never comes on Monday, so all of the kids get in trouble.

Hunter does most of the scolding.

But Arrian does a little parenting for Tai.

Psh, school.  Didn't help me none.


Liang is now an Infectious Disease Researcher, level 8!  He might just make his LTW yet!

I have to start watching his age bar too.  I'm distracted by Hunter.

Like his brother, Yu Jie wants to be a surgeon, but we're holding on to hope that Liang can do it.

Tai is almost always playing Table King.

While Xing gives the costume chest a try.

Xing:  Boop!

Arrian completes her second sculptor challenge.  Now to make a million Ice Sculptures.

During the winter, Jill stocked up an impressive amount of Nectar for no apparent reason, filling up 5 shelves and then some.

Peach grows up with Xing!

Tai's birthday is a day late for some reason, but here we go!

And Tai is now a cat person.

I'm already ignoring the dog, but sure, let's add a cat.

And this is the end of our chapter!  I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time, happy Simming!

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