Friday, October 28, 2016

4.0 The Power of Imagination

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Liang achieved his LTW and promptly died.  Jillian became an elder, Arrian married a buggy Tiberius, and moved herself and her family out of the house.  Yu-Jie was announced as heir and I almost gave up on the Legacy due to bugs.  Problem solved, I continued and Sheng became a YA and married his childhood sweetheart, Mendy.  Once they moved out, Yu-Jie made his Imaginary Friend real with a potion provided by Tessa, resulting in the adorable Peach!

This chapter is heavy with Peach and Yu Jie, but I try to sneak Jill in now and then!

On her first day of realness, Peach has a mood swing.

Peach:  It's because my walls are green.

I'll move you to the purple room, geez.

The school bus has been missing for awhile, but it returns!  Yu Jie heads to school.

While Peach skips her first day.

Jillian:  Well, hello child I've never met before who suddenly lives with me.  Would you like to learn how to drive?

And they did.  I figured Peach should learn something her first day, plus she's a vehicle enthusiast which probably means she wants to drive.  It was pretty dull, took a long time, and made Peach really stressed (though not Jill for some reason).

I probably won't do it again.  But hey, Peach can drive!

Yu Jie maxes his athletic skill and bites the bar to prove it.

Peach's favorite food is Potato and Truffle Torte, the most expensive meal Jill can make.  Girl is not cheap.

Peach:  It's no fun setting pranks if you watch me.

Peach:  Blah!

Your evilness is a little awkward.  Better leave it to your boyfriend.

Peach:  He's not my boyfriend.

Isn't he?  We should take care of that.

Peach:  I like this plan.

First kiss, actually caught!

Jillian:  Where's the rocking chair?

It's... in the family inventory.  I wanted her to do something else.

She proceeds to stomp around the lot kicking every gnome she can find.

Yu Jie:  Soon me and Peach will be here.

Yu Jie's something of a romantic.  And has bad grammar.

It's Spooky Day so I decide to do some trick or treating.  Sadly, they won't dress up in the costumes.  by the time I get them to do it, it's far too late.


Pillow fights instead!

After a particularly violent bash with the pillow, Peach is furious.

Yu Jie:  But my evil trait!

Peach:  You'll still make my favorite food when your mom dies, right?

Yu Jie:  I don't have any cooking points, but uh...

But... that's my simself.

Peach:  I know.

Yu Jie:  I like this girl.


Jill finally gets that trampoline she's been wishing for since she became a YA.

I don't normally let my elders date, but I do love Jill, so, here's Norman Linn!

He takes her to the fire station!  Whee!

They see a movie, then play catch.  It doesn't make for great pictures.

She does belt him a couple times, but I miss the shots.  Sorry :3

It's not even frosty out and Yu Jie is skating on the suspect pond.  Not sure this is safe.

I don't know how to stop dates, so Norman is outside the house well past dawn, making weird poses.

Closer watching reveals he's doing the university Vo Gerbits chant.  Maybe he was a llama?

The pond is frozen and the ground is frosted, so Jill decides to go swimming.

The Cranstons work together to keep it heated so she doesn't freeze.

Peach:  Your son is all mine now!

Some innappropriateness aside, these two actually get along really well.

Yu Jie just watches.

Since this wish didn't fulfill and there's nothing in the family tree, it seems my plot to get Sheng and Mendy pregnant didn't work out.  Alas.

This is the first time I've sent a couple to Prom together.  Neither is wearing formal wear, but whatever.  They're cute.

There was a lot of repetition in the pop ups.  Basically, Yu Jie and Peach are adorable and everyone knows it.

On the way home from Prom, Yu Jie stops to have his YA birthday!

And so does Peach!

Back home safe, Yu Jie gets his card, revealing his last trait as Easily Impressed.

While Peach gains Party Animal.

Like Jill, she has a couple everyday outfits.

No time like the present!

I don't even attempt to combine Orange and Spiceberry into non-eye-bleeding colors.  The house is colored in a pale orange I'm referring to as "Peach" to suit them both, with small accents of spiceberry.  Other than that, I don't change the layout or anything, I just turn the whites gray, the oranges peach, and call it done.

Yu Jie gets a job with the criminal squad in town.  Peach becomes my fourth female spouse without a job.  Not for any particular reason, that's just how it's working out.  Maybe she'll get one later.

For now, Peach works on her LTW.

Graduation isn't as irritating with so few sims in the house.

Yu Jie is Valedictorian, and voted Most Likely to Take Over the World.  Accurate.

Peach didn't quite catch on and puts on a bear hat, but she's voted Most Likely to Save the World, probably from Yu Jie.

First, though, they have other responsibilities.

They don't have wishes, but Jill wants a grandbaby and her lifebar is looming closer and closer to its end.

Responsible Yu Jie gives the parenting books another go.

Peach wants Athletic and Martial Arts for her LTW.  But pregnant women can't do Martial Arts, so it looks like these will go unused for awhile.

They'll make better pictures come spring anyway.

Thanks to working from home, Yu Jie gets a promotion to Cut Purse on his first day!

Norman calls for another date.  This time he takes Jill to the school.

Jill takes them to the theatre to be less creepy.

Autonomous Yu Jie works from home.  What a good boy.

The mummy teddy bear Jill bought for Lillian turns into a vampire gnome!  With two faces?

Looks like the original vampire gnome caused this.  I hide snow bear in Jill's inventory.

Peach's incessant cleaning pays off!

Another gnome to add to the family!

And we have another addition as well!

Peach:  I did it!

She looks proud of herself ^.^

Meet baby Garamond!  He is Good and Grumpy, possibly because his parents are so evil.  He likes Pop music, fish and chips, the color pink, and is an Aries.

Garamond makes 12 boys to 5 girls for this legacy.  I've made sure there are no apples around so I know they're not sneaking them, I'm just not lucky with the girls.

Garamond also marks the start of generation 5, the halfway point!  And the end of our chapter.  Tune in next time.  Until then, Happy Simming!

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