Wednesday, October 5, 2016

3.5.0 University Life

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Jillian learned all of the cooking recipes (for real this time).  Our garden expanded along with our family of gnomes.  And the triplets reached their YA birthdays - revealing Arrian as the second heiress of Generation 3!

While I'm busy moving out Adrian and Avian, these two sneak in some romance time.  Angelina looks so excited.

Angelina:  I might have grandbabies!

Surprisingly, she has not wished for grandchildren.

The frustration of mandatory graduation continues.

She's Valedictorian and voted Most Likely to be a Rock Star.

That was Buck.

Liang pretty much never smiles.  I thought I'd catch him while eating his favorite food, but no.


Since Jillian got so much alone time on her trips, I figure it's only fair to do the same for Arrian.  So we're trying out a new feature - University!

And off she goes!

She starts with a Distinguished Fine Arts Award and 18 Fine Arts Credits, because of...  skills?  Probably skills.

Naturally she majors in Art.

Arrian is rich enough to rent her own place.

It's small and I don't change much - she doesn't need much.  I add a better shower and bed, and plop down her easel and sculpting station.

It seems sculpting won't improve her school performance, but she's so close to mastering the skill that I let her do it anyway.

At the Meet and Greet, Arrian has already found a guy she likes before the textures load in.

There we go.

Aside from introducing her to all the guys I can find (because let's face it, this is just an extended spouse hunt), I let Arrian freewill.  Rather than talk to her new classmates, she chooses to play arcade games.

But she's so happy and smiley, I don't mind.

The llama also inspires heart-sparkling.

Arrian needs three skills for her LTW - and we've chosen painting, sculpting, and guitar.  We'll be concentrating on painting as soon as sculpting is maxed, but if she wants to entertain her peers on freewill, so be it.

Her classes on Monday are tight and last most of the day.  She sneaks in a quick meal of...  fresh cinnamon.  Can you just eat cinnamon?

Apparently you shouldn't.

Arrian starts decorating her new place.

Most of her classes are rabbit holes, but Tuesday's isn't for some reason.  Arrian takes her art studying seriously.  Look at that serious face.

(Her classmates meanwhile adopt the same strategy I did for college lectures)

Tiberius Willard, the first guy she met, comes over for a visit.

I quickly decide to update the kitchen as well as the bed and shower.  Arrian has no time for this!  There are boys to meet!

Except now she can't.  Cid Serverus refuses to be greeted, and I discover that Arrian can no longer interact with other Sims, much like Jill's first trip to France.

There's no just returning home and trying again here.  I look it up and delete some cache files, but that just deletes Arrian's shirt.  And she still can't meet Cid.

I restore the outfit and out of desperation install a couple mods recommend to me by Livvielove (Hi Livvie!), Nraas' Overwatch and Errortrap.

I'm generally against installing mods for this Legacy, but there's really no point in being here if Arrian can't talk to people.

Success!  One or both mods work their magic and Arrian, outfit restored, heart-sparkles over Cid.

Back home, her statue has melted.  Alas.

She makes a new one, and maxes her sculpting skill along with it.  1/3 Skills Complete!

Cid comes over for a friendly visit, but Arrian's too tired to chat.  I do like that we have frequent visitors though.

Sculpting complete, Arrian works on her painting.

Yeah, I had classes like this too.  Poor Arrian hates the outdoors though.

She seems to be enjoying herself regardless.

The ice cream truck stalks other people too, right?  It's not just me?

Arrian has gotten to know Tiberius pretty well now, and moves on to light flirting.

Tiberius is impossible to see at night, alas.

I spy the 'Ask to Sketch' option and think it looks interesting.  Tiberius is not a fan.

Sorry, jeez!

The opt to jam instead.

This is....  Miles Forthright?  I did write their names down, but I can't really remember who's who.  Whoops.

He has the honor of being the first one Arrian rolls a romantic wish for.

Alas, they're not listed as compatible and this is where her wishes end.


Tib (as he shall be known) invites us to a party pretty much every single night, and upon attending we learn he's filthy rich.

Arrian attends the bonfire in her white formal wear.

I mean, all of her clothes are white, so I guess it doesn't matter.

That's not MUCH of a bonfire.


At some point I realize I gave Arrian the same hair as Tessa.  I don't really mind repeating styles since I don't have custom hair available and there's only so many, but it's a little soon.

I think she looks cuter with her new style anyway.

Arrian is apparently a lot stronger than you'd think.

It's Tiberius!  Quick, awkwardly don't look at each other!

(My entire dating life)

Or do that instead.

Remember kids, juice responsibly.  Never Woohoo while juiced.

Back home, Arrian replaces her sculpting station with a juice keg.

It is 11 am on a Sunday.

Look, it's her wish panel, not mine.

I've previously stated how much I hate portraits in this game, but she's gotta paint something.

This one actually looks half decent.

I decide to experiment.  Results to follow.

At another party, Arrian is finally rolling wishes for Tib.

/commentary on modern day socializing

The plants are starting to freeze over.  That's Arrian's main source of sustenance on M/W/Fs!

She quickly grabs what she can to tide her over.

Arrian:  Om nom nom!

(After she runs out, I just start skipping classes)

The second portrait is much more disappointing.

The third...  that one might have been my fault?

One of Tiberius's parties is a swimwear party, which is great when you can see your breath.

Despite freezing to death, Arrian manages her first kiss!

I find it hard to believe I made the same mistake a second time.

Or a third.

Finally, Arrian's wishes are getting somewhere!

First the glitter-filled love letter.

Suspicions confirmed.  Portraits are terrible.

That's 1 for 6 if you weren't counting.

Tiberius refuses to actually be available for dating, however, so we invite over... Ray?  I think it's Ray.


She hasn't even kissed him yet!

There we go.

Oh, wait, they hate each other actually.

Tiberius continues to throw nightly parties and be unavailable for dating.

It's his fault, really.

(And I will chuck that phone in the river, I swear)


Don't think too hard.  It's Art school, your grades don't matter.

Arrian:  Then I did great!

Yes, despite skipping classes and never studying, Arrian gets an A and a degree.

Pretty much like my college years.

(KIDS!  Do not follow my example!  Go to school!)

We FINALLY get that date with Tiberius, so of course graduation whisks us away.

It's somehow even more of a mess than high school graduation.  This takes hours.

 But graduate she does!

Overall, I think Arrian and I enjoyed the university experience, but it's time to go home and continue this legacy.

Until next time,
Goodbye for now!  ;)

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