Thursday, October 6, 2016

3.5.1 Muck Up The Family Tree

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Arrian attended university and met many a boy.  She mastered sculpting and proved to me that I'm right not to bother with portraits.  Arrian earned her Fine Arts degree and headed on home.

In an impossible-to-take-with-the-walls-up shot, the family has lined up (except Angelina who's facing the wrong way) in their formal wear (except Jill who's chosen her swimwear instead) to welcome Arrian home.

Scouting the family tree, I notice that Arrian has apparently been disowned by her father.

This does mean they're no longer technically related, so let's hope they can behave themselves.

I take a picture of the taxi Arrian's in because it's just sitting there.  The stillness you see in the picture is not an illusion - it's actually not moving.

By the time I get her out of the glitchy taxi, the family has already moved on, and Arrian is left to be framed by the door and stubbornly look away from the camera on her own.

I'm not sure about Hunter's new painting style.

But what do I know about art?

Despite years of not brushing her teeth, Angelina's are still pearly white.

 I get distracted by the sky again.  Pretty stars!


This happens every night now with my new mods.  How many people are in this town that there are this many vehicles every day?!

*checks notes*

Nope, no idea why I took this picture.

Oh, wait, it's because he left waffles in the oven to go to work.  Luckily Angelina saves the day.

Speaking of Angelina, she's hit the end of her life bar.

Lucas apparently has too.

Good bye Lucas!  I thought you were great!

Arrian cries about my inability to get a straight picture.

Time to test!  This is the picture I take.

 And this is the picture she paints.  It's not my fault!

Due to skilling and lack of wishes, these two haven't had much time together.  Time to rectify that.

I switch her outfit.  Apparently she knows it's her adventuring outfit.

(I'd send her on more trips - I want to go to France again at least - but she hasn't rolled any wishes to)

Aww.  This reputation stuff never happened with Tessa and Buck or Hunter and Angelina.  Strange.

I suddenly realize how inappropriate it was to put a painting of Jill's baby sister over their bed.

Since I know Lillian isn't going to be heir, I don't bother with her skills anymore and just use her for slave labor in the garden.

I'm such a loving simmer.

Apparently these two haven't had enough.

Nice back!  I appreciate Liang's athleticism.

As long as they're having fun.

Why do Sims want to pillow fight so much?  I don't think I've ever had a pillow fight in my life.  Am I missing out on something?

Don't worry, Ollie fans!  Ollie's portrait has been moved, not deleted.

Especially when the harvest comes in, the fruit garden is WAY too much for Jill to handle on her own.  Lily, Hunter, and Angelina help out.

Liang fixes the TV while dripping wet.

SUCH a good simmer.

Hiding in the orchard, Jillian gets her first baby bump!

And with that, finally content that Generation 4 is on its way, Angelina gives up her grip on her life bar.

Angelina Carington.

It is t- actually, it's kind of cramped in here, hold on.

It is time.

Angelina passes peacefully, at the age of 91.

Angelina, despite trying to kill me with your baby wishes, you managed ten children (even if the game deleted three of them and it doesn't count), and two beautiful heiresses.  You put up with Hunter's constant evil jump scares, maxed your athletic skill on your own, and raised wonderful children.  I'm glad I was able to fulfill your dreams - I'll miss you.

However, with Angelina's passing comes the only one who knows what this is about.

Jillian wishes for a rocking chair and promptly zonks out on it.

Despite Hunter's evil smile ruining the shot, the family is devastated at the loss of Angelina.  There's no one to do the laundry today (until the maid comes, I guess).

While at work, Liang FINALLY rolls up the wish I've been waiting for.

I guess everyone needs health care.

I wonder what kind of health benefits package they get.

Jillian:  Why did I wait until my mom died to have a baby?!

Sorry :(

Jill decides to take out her frustration on fruit.

While Arrian shows her first baby bump not long after her sister's.

There is grilled cheese in the fridge.  Go eat that!  Stop trying to burn my house down!

Pull some levers, spin a wheel, push some buttons, and tada!  Nectar is made!

It isn't a very good blend, however.  One glance at a guide tells me that nectar making is far more complex than I anticipated.

Liang is promoted to Resident (Level 5).  Half way there, but only a few days left until he's an elder.  He may not make it.

No skill bar!  Arrian has mastered painting!

2/3 skills complete.

While painting the wedding she's not having.

It's tough, but sharing your grief can help.

Sorry to break the tone, but I feel bad for Lily.  My mom died when I was about her age, and I don't wish that on anyone, even play people.  To everyone without moms out there; it sucks, and I'm sorry.

Okay, back to the game!


Liang:  Something about... how a beautiful woman created a beautiful daughter?  Or, no, how about with the blessings of your mother...  uh...  I hope we can be as good of parents as yours were....  damn it.

I told you I was bad at romance.

Luckily Jill didn't hear any of that over the ring sparkle.

Meanwhile, there's an option I've seen in other stories and have been meaning to try.

No, not that one.

There we go!

I thought we'd catch him smiling, but no, just a state of shock.

Despite his smile earlier, Hunter really is broken up by Angelina's death.  They were such a good couple.

Jill may have a little too much fun cooking.

But man is she good!

Liang wants a bachelor party, so why not?

These two seem to be arguing about something.

Arrian:  This isn't over.

What isn't over?

The maid helps himself to the juice keg I bought for the party.  That's okay, though; he was invited.

Jill finishes her delicious French toast and heads to the spa for a ridiculously expensive package.

Of course, just as the party starts, Liang is called to work.

Liang:  Hi Hal!  Bye Hal!

Logan brings salad, shows off his mo-hawk, then turns around and leaves.

Hal is taking the absence of the groom hard.

No one's around to set the October-themed buffet, but that's okay.  Trigger brought delicious purple Nutrition Cubes.

This is most of what happens at a bachelor party, apparently.

By the time Liang makes it back, Trigger has changed into his underwear for... reasons?


That's all for now (because Jill just went into labor)!  Next time, babies!  Weddings!  Who knows what else?!

See you then!

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