Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3.0.3 Deciding the Other Heir

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, landscaping happened, we replaced the garden with fruit trees, and Liang's mother came to visit!  Hunter flirted a little while Lillian became a teenager and Avian came home from prom with a date, Dominique.  Then Dom flirted with Lily right in front of Avian.

I apologize that this chapter is once again shorter than usual - but the results of the second heir poll are at the end!

Dom knows the secret to a teenage girl's heart - gifts - and Avian still likes him despite him flirting with her sister.

Meanwhile, Hunter has managed to get himself stuck in the mailbox.

He gets himself out, and even gets the mail, so no harm done.

Stinky Jill is reading her last recipe book!

And done!

Jillian:  You're happy now?

Not quite.  Hmm.

Avian is pretty much constantly having mood swings, so she's always in trouble for something.  I forget what this one is, but it's noteworthy because look!  Angelina is actually doing the scolding, instead of making Jill do it!

While checking on Liang at work, I spy my suspiciously absent simself!  Hi me!

She's in her athletic gear for some reason.  She looks like me when I need to run to the store and don't want to put on real clothes.  She also seems to have become a full adult.

I got bored while waiting for the first heir poll and made her.

Ah-hah!  Crepes was hiding in the bookshelf.  Particularly sad since it's Hunter's favorite meal.  No wonder I haven't been able to make it.

Jillian:  I'm free now?

If by free you mean you can start tending the massive garden and making nectar, sure.

The weekend has arrived, and Lillian busts out her guitar for the first time.  You may recall she needs Painting and Guitar for her LTW.

I sent Angelina down to the festival last time and forgot about her.  Apparently she was showing off mad dancing skillz.

Then my camera zooms downtown to this massive crowd.  Someone appears to be on fire.  I'm not sure what's happening, so I crowd watch.

I can see Hal, Lucas, and Trigger!

And the excitement is over.  Okay then.

Avian:  PC is so much better than consoles.

The war is real in this house.

(Jill's skilling gardening now)

I love the sculpting skill!  I would never usually buy these things, but it's fun to see what Arrian makes.

Is this one also of your mom?

Everyone is still getting sick after eating now and then.  I've checked the food and it seems fine, often Outstanding or Perfect.  I can only assume it's going bad while they're eating it, but I haven't seen it happen yet, and I've long since made fresh food.

Maybe Jill's cooking isn't as great as she thinks it is.

As promised, I widen out the garden to spread out the orchard and grape vines.  There's some miscellaneous fruit as well.  We apparently have a Life Plant, which sounds good.

I have no idea how many plants one person can tend to, so I just planted everything we had that was fruit.  If it's too much, we'll cut back later.

The gnomes are starting to get out of control as well.

Lillian:  Tell me when they're done making out.

Avian:  They're done.

Lillian:  Remind me to wear a disguise next time we go out in public.

Lillian:  You're terrible at video games, dad!

Hunter:  I'm 85 - that's practically a compliment.

The house continues to not trust Jillian's cooking so Angelina makes her own meal.

She does actually have cooking points so I don't have to worry about her burning the house down.

Remember her butterfly tattoo?  Still there.

It kind of looks like a dancing star.

Jill's back on parental duties despite still having no children.

Avian takes her timeout in the pool, standing on water.

Since she skipped school and doesn't have skills to work on, I have Avian help out with the garden.

Cranstan's having some trouble with his latest trick.

Liang (who never smiles, by the way) is now a Medical Intern!

I haven't mentioned it, but Liang is much older than Jillian.  He only has 9 days until he's an elder.

Finally, it's the triplets' birthday!

Avian refuses to get on the right side for the camera.

Arrian is now a dog person!

She received 3 votes in the poll.

Adrian, the artist, now Can't Stand Art!

Poor kid received 0 votes.  Lillian also received 0 votes.

And Avian is now Neat.

Avian got 1 vote.  

I definitely think she's pretty, but Arrian has always been more interesting.

There was also 1 vote for continuing with just Jillian as heir.

And so, with Arrian crowned the second heiress, we end this chapter with Adrian and Avian moving out - making room in the house for the entrance of Generation 4!  Finally!

Who will Arrian choose as a spouse?  Who will be the first to bring in Gen 4?  Will Hunter and Angelina spitefully live forever?  So many questions I don't know the answer to!

Find out next time!  Happy Simming!

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