Saturday, October 8, 2016

3.5.3 Homewrecker

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Generation 4 babies Sheng and Tai were born.  Jill and Liang were married, a couple times due to traveling glitches.  They failed to take a vacation to France, but Arrian got a dog, Prince.

This time, we start off with a couple birthdays.

Jill performs the classic Leave the Baby On the Floor maneuver.

And Sheng becomes a well-loved toddler.

Lillian:  I finally get to be freeee!

While caring for Tai under my iron fist, Lily ages up.

She's now a Sailor!

Lily is actually pretty cute - I'm sorry I was mean about you before, Lil!

I make her tend the garden one more time before she moves out.

Hunter has a wish for an athletic point, so off he goes jogging at 4 AM.

I think that maid car is glitched there.

As Hunter leaves, Tiberius arrives.

Arrian welcomes her lover with a hearty handshake.

Our Life Plant has died.  There's something sad about that.

Lily manages to graduate in the garden without forcing her whole family to run down to city hall.

How nice of her <3

While Arrian catches up with Tiberius, Prince barks his head off at him.

Jill manages to get struck by lightning again.  This time, she actually catches fire.

Like her grandmother Tessa, Jill can't stop-drop-roll, but can call the fire department.  I thought the rain would help, but no.

Throwing her in the pool does help, thankfully, because the firefighter was taking a long time to arrive and I was starting to panic.

I guess it's only fair.

When I hunt them down, it seems Jill is already freewill hitting on Tib.

Tiberius walks out of the bathroom, looking awfully proud of himself.

Arrian 'helps' Tai grow up.

Okay, I'm not good at facial features, but could this kid look anymore like his father?

Speaking of, it's Liang's birthday!

Liang:  Yay, freewill elderhood!

Hah, no, you didn't complete your LTW.  No freewill for you.

Liang:  Oooh....

Sheng:  Why is dis creepy man still here?

I don't know.

Tai, the little homewrecker, being adorable.

The sparkles come back for another attack.

I hope it's one of the girls, I don't need an ineligible alien baby.

And it's Jill.  Bye Jill!

I keep forgetting I can do things with Prince, so he mostly goes on free will.  Here I make him sniff Tai.

Tai makes little grabby hands and it is adorable.

I think Jill was too spunky for this elder alien.

Alien:  I'm too old for this.

To stop myself mixing him up with Hunter, I give Liang his black hair back.

Why is he going gray at the tips and not the roots?  Because... shut up.

Tiberius is lost in the orchard.

You got what you came here for, go home!

Tiberius:  I can't!

Errortrap catches him eventually.

Look, plot!

Jillian:  I really don't want to have this conversation...

Jillian:  Hey, honey, why does my sister's son look exactly like you?

Liang:  Oh, no reason.  Don't worry about it.

Liang:  .....?

Liang:  ...we usually pan away and forget about it.

Jillian:  Yeah, that's not happening this time.

Jillian:  How could you cheat on me with my sister?!

Liang:  I'm sorry!  It was a mistake!  It'll never happen again - it's never happened again!

Jillian:  Like I can believe you now.

Jill is so angry, she needs a new outfit.

I already did a joke about clay toilets, Hunter.  It wasn't very good the first time.

Jillian:  Much better.

Could you at least try to look angry?

Jillian:  Like this?

That's more neutral, at least.

I'd love to show you some pictures of her looking angry or upset, but she's just as smiley as always.  I wanted to use the "Confess to Cheating" option, but apparently it goes away after awhile and cheating doesn't count anymore, so I never got to see what it did.

Meanwhile, Arrian, who Jill probably isn't speaking to at the moment, is pregnant again.  Whose is it this time?  Find out later!

Sheng:  Om nom nom!

Tai:  Urgh...  gah!

Tai:  Got it!

Sheng:  Why's dis lady takin pictures of us?

(I'm not good at toddler speak, sorry)

Illegitimate as Tai is, the boys are still cute together.

And since having one baby at a time no longer happens in this legacy, Jill is also pregnant.

Despite being promoted to Trauma Surgeon, Liang definitely doesn't want to go home after work.

Heart-sparkling over other girls won't help right now, Liang.

He does it with Vivian and her terrible yellow hat too.  Why don't we go hunt down Lily and Avian and you can hit on them too?

Logan:  Hey, did you see my mohawk?

Last time, yes.

Since the garden has frozen over, Jillian has skilled her nectar making out of books.  Sadly, though she apparently knows how to make good nectar, I do not.  I start experimenting and taking notes.  Maybe we'll make something good some day (or I'll get frustrated and look it up).

Liang skills Tai, because Jill certainly isn't going to and Arrian's still working on her last skill point.

Hunter, age 97, is stubbornly hanging on, admired by Butternuts everywhere.

His sculpting is level 9 now.  Good job!

Though restricted to the upstairs beds, Liang breathes a sigh of relief as Jill's Midlife Crisis fades without another divorce wish appearing.

That's all for now, folks.  Until next time, Happy Simming!

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