Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1.2 Little Angels

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, baby Lucas grew into a toddler while his father Buck had a midlife crisis.  Tessa set the house on fire while Buck wandered off to cheat on her.  Can I keep this family together?  Let's find out!

Tessa wastes no time in caring for little Lucas, rolling up wishes to teach him all his skills.  She sets to work.

Tessa is also very neat, always cleaning up after her slob husband and messy toddler.

Tessa:  Please don't take my picture now.

But you're so lovely ^.^

She has to sleep sometimes, though, so I buy little Lucas a few toys.  He seems happy.

Meanwhile, Buck is out with Roxie again, rolls up the wish to get a divorce.  Apparently he really likes Roxie.

I quickly begin fulfilling all the other wishes I can so I don't have to lock it in.  Here he is after a hair cut.

It's pretty much the same, yeah.

He also takes Roxie out for a lovely dinner.  His cheaty ways pay off, and the divorce wish disappears.  Let's hope it doesn't come back.

After this, Buck contents himself to performing consecutive concerts while Tessa cares for Lucas.

Lucas has almost no relationship with his father :(

This takes a while to figure out, so I'm showing you a picture of their ugly house with holiday lights.

I miss toddler blankets...  Here we see Lucas staring into space while dad is at work and mom is sleeping.  So unproductive!

Buck actually puts on appropriate headgear instead of his swimwear to tend the bees.

Naturally he gets stung.

Lucas can walk!

Snowflake day comes around, and Buck gets a lovely bonus!  What a nice feature~

Daredevil trait.

I don't know why I expected anything else from her.

Last time there was no lullaby.  Buck still wants a baby, and Tessa just wants to mess around.  It's good enough.

Afterward, Lucas is successfully potty-trained!

Buck actually cares for his son while Tessa goes out shopping for alchemy ingredients.

And we have success!  Baby two is on the way!

Buck wishes for a girl again, but Tessa doesn't even bother.  She was happy with one child.

In the last few hours of his Midlife Crisis, Buck is promoted to Backup Vocalist.

We have just enough time to squeeze in one more scandalous MLC wish - to meet someone new.  Welcome back, Hal!

I think I like Buck's look better anyway.

Buck completed 6 wishes for his Midlife Crisis, and seems happy afterward.  I'm less happy with all the cheating, but at least it's over.

Tessa wishes to visit a graveyard.  Done.

I don't know what she wanted to do here, so we decorate the graves with snow angels.  I'm sure the families of the departed are pleased.

Then I send Tessa off to the spa before she freezes to death.

Since Lucas is about to grow up (spoilers!), I spend Buck's bonuses on expanding the house.  We have $15 remaining, so there will be no windows.

Buck finally contents himself with playing indoors!

Birthday time!

The little loner needs no party.

Lucas is now Perceptive!

And it's someone else's birthday!

Why do these sims go cross-eyed so often?

Lucas has no idea what's happening.

But of course it's just the birth of baby number two.

Meet Hunter Carington!  He loves the cold and is a slob like his daddy.  He likes Digitunes, crepes, and Irish green, and is a Capricorn.

Tessa rolls no wants for her second-born, so we won't be seeing much of him.  Here she throws a bliss elixir at Buck, bringing her up to 19/50 elixirs used.

Lucas heads off to school.  He rolls up the LTW to become The Animal Rescuer - but I'm not prepared to accept that many pets at once, so I dismiss it.  Let's try it with one before we go crazy, yes?

Buck actually wanted Hunter, so he actually takes care of him.  Shocking, I know!

As Spring rolls in,  Tessa lays out the seeds she's gathered thanks to the Collection Helper, but she can't actually plant most of them.  Darn.

Tessa's out shopping again, so Buck is forced to help Lucas with his homework.

Kindergarten work should not require this much concentration, Buck.

After picking up her books, Tessa befriends a bluebird!

Then sells it like a heartless monster for sweet cash!

I don't know why he makes these weird poses when he's promoted, but Buck is now the Lead Guitarist!

Is it just me, or does it rain every day?

Lucas goes on a field trip to a restaurant, and brings home... whatever this is as a souvenir.

Tessa starts reading gardening books so she can actually tend to her garden.  Who knew sticking seeds in the ground was so tough?

Tessa shows her plumbob and refuses to look at the camera for her adult birthday.

She still looks fine.

Buck reaches level 10 of the guitar skill!

Then Buck tries to tell a scary story to Lucas, but... he's not in the room.

Tessa:  Doot doo, what  baby?

Blond?  Where did that come from?!

We might find out next time!

(We do not)


1.1 Midlife Antics

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, founder Tessa Carington was turned into a toad, and emergency married Buck Broke!  Thanks to Buck and his actually having a job, they raised enough money to start their family.

Tessa reaches level 10 of the Alchemy skill, which is part of her LTW.  The next part involves using 50 elixirs.  Due to lack of ingredients, I suspect they'll be mostly Bliss Potions.

Tessa then begins changing into clothes I never gave her.  I guess this is her pregnancy outfit?  Doesn't really look like maternity wear, but sure.

Buck goes to work on his day off for some reason, and never comes home.  I eventually have to cancel the work interaction to get him back.

He's in a bad mood when he returns.  These two live off of 'juice'.  I'm sure they'll be great parents.

Tessa, who continues to undermine my clothing choices, rolls a wish for a baby girl.  Buck follows up with one of his own shortly after.

Shown here:  drinking Juice while pregnant.

Planting seeds causes more seeds to appear in Tessa's inventory, for reasons I guess!

We plant the new seeds too.

It later occurs to me that Buck should be doing this since he loves the outdoors, but he never does.  Whoops.

Spooky day comes and goes without much fuss except this poorly dressed alien.  I'd throw parties like they want, but they have so little space and money, it doesn't seem worth it.

It later occurs to me I should have worked harder on this because Buck is a party animal, but I never do.  Whoops x2.

You can also see in this picture that Tessa has poor choice in maternity wear.  The white undershirt expands with her belly, but the pink jacket does not.

Pregnancy is the best time to test new elixirs, Tessa!

To give us a shot at making more than just Bliss potions, Tessa invests in the Collection Helper.  Now we can spot shiny things from miles away!

At the consignment store, we find that Hal has become a fairy.  Could have married a fairy, Tessa!

Once home, she's too busy to care, though.

Look at that glitchy stomach!

Both parents wished for a girl, so welcome baby boy Lucas Carington, born on the first day of winter.

Lucas is a brave loner who loves Latin, Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce, and the color red, just like mama.

Now that Tessa is free from pregnancy, she's allowed to tend the new beehive... in her swimwear for some reason.  That seems unreasonably dangerous.

(Research tells me she does this because of her daredevil trait - and she never gets stung once.)

Never-the-less, she's a good stay-at-home mom, and throws up wishes for Lucas all the time.  Buck pretty much ignores him.

Buck gets promoted to Music Talent Scout in the dark...

...and promotion money leads to an actual kitchen!

The gifts keep on coming.   Very useful for extra cash since we don't make very much.

Even in his very strange winter outfit and the snow, Buck insists on practicing guitar outdoors.

Tessa attempts some matrimonial solidarity, but I put a stop to that nonsense.  Baby cocoons belong inside during winter.

This makes even less sense in winter.

I widen out the kitchen but Buck refuses to play inside.  How much room do you need to play a guitar?!

Tessa throws a bliss and enlightenment elixir at Buck because I'm not sure throwing counts toward her LTW.... and it does!

I send Buck to have a nap to see what the enlightenment elixir does, but he decides to age up to adult instead.  He looks completely the same.

But he has a midlife crisis that lasts 6 days!

First up - nap time!

Buck rolls the wish to flirt with someone else.

I just noticed this - I know what you are!

I name her Juniper.

Tessa decides quick meals and juice are a thing of the past now that we have a baby in the house.  She makes some waffles.

This ended predictably.

Get that smile our of there, Tessa!

We have to replace the stove and counter.

Looks like quick meals and juice are good enough for the Carington household for now.

Buck calls up a bandmate...

Meet Roxie Lin, the woman Buck decided to cheat on his wife with!

He also wishes for a makeover.

I think it looks better than whatever he was wearing before, but he doesn't like it.

Tessa tries to clean up the front yard, but is interrupted by an adorable dog.

Adorable dog makes a mess, and also gives Tessa fleas.  Awesome.

The fact that they move around on their own is frightening.  Like some FNAF going on here.

Enjoy this picture of Tessa being restricted to salad while I inform you that Buck was promoted to Lyricist!

He rolls a wish to change jobs, but no.  No Buck.  It's your LTW.

Buck wants another baby (even though he ignores the one he has).  Tessa wants to woohoo.  Guess it's good enough.

They're interrupted by a phone call asking us to go to France or something to jog for four hours, which seems like an awfully long way to go to get in a work out.

We get a lot of these traveling opportunities, but I'm not 100% my computer can handle travel.  Maybe we'll try it later.

Buck's next Midlife Crisis wish is to buy a car for $10k.

I remind Buck that we have $303 and cancel the wish.

Buck has to start performing concerts for his career, so I send him to meet Rainer Kowling at the Performance Park, because this makes sense to me.

Rainer awkwardly informs Buck that this is not how it works.

Just click on the theatre.  So simple, it only took me hours to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Tessa has awkwardly placed the baby on the floor and wandered off.  What?

Lucas is cross-eyed!

And the end of our chapter.  I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time!