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1.0 I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)

Welcome to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  My name is Lulu, and as you might guess by the title, I don't usually play The Sims 3.  I've extensively played both 2 and 4, but never liked the look of 3.

But now that I have access to it, the expansions, and a bunch of cool store stuff, I figure, why not?  And the best way to give a Sims game a run is with a Legacy, of course!  For record keeping... there won't be any.  I'm not playing for points or by any real rules except the traditional 'don't cheat' 'build a family' 'repeat x10' ones.  So let's get started!

To form our founder, I hit 'randomize sim' and adjusted some colors.  I hope you like her because I adore her!

Our Founder is Tessa Carington, a completely randomized sim!  Name, traits, everything.  Look at that emotional mess!

Because I don't know how to take care of those needs, I buy her a mini fridge and a bed (which was oddly cheap for Energy 7?) in addition to the alchemy station which I eventually found (curse you lack of search feature!)

I don't know if Alchemy is a way to make money, but I sure hope so.  We're poor now.

Tessa gets settled in her Alchemy station while my camera continues to zoom all over the place.  I don't want any of this!  Go away!

Ooh, a rock!

Apparently Alchemy is a job, because Tessa rolls the wish (it's wish right?) to join the Alchemy career.  After some fiddling with the newspaper, I discover it's a self-employed career.

One trip to City Hall later, and I discover the way to get promoted in the career is to sell elixirs... which makes me wonder why this is an option.  I have no idea if this is a useful thing or not, but I promise you she won't be rising in the ranks any time soon.  We need those elixirs for her LTW.

Tessa is excited, though, so I have her greet this tourist, Frank Sledge, so she can brag about her new job.

I also meet this muscley man, Hal Breckenridge - who is apparently single!

After discovering elixirs take plants to create, I quickly plant the ones I haven't already squandered on Bliss Potions.  Whoops.

And then Tessa turns into a toad.

This apparently doesn't go away on its own.  You need a special kiss to get rid of it.  Sadly, all I've met are women, I can't find Hal, and I don't want the game all thinking Tessa's into girls and locking her into something.  I don't know if this happens, but I decide not to risk it.

This is truly terrifying, though.

Tessa showers at the gym and... really I can't do this.  Get this fixed NOW.

Here is Buck Broke.  I don't know if he's single, and I don't care, because this needs to be gone!

He gives her the kiss, but it fails!  Gah!

Old lady watches 'cause old ladies creepin'.

He doesn't look happy about it, but Buck goes in for another try.  What a hero!

Tessa:  What a hero!

And it turns out he is single.  Yay!

I forgot to take pictures after the relief of not being a toad anymore, but they have a lovely date at the gym.  But I can't figure out how to get him moved in!

I figure marrying him in will work, so here's the proposal!  No one really wanted to see them date, right?


Aww, what a cute hug...

And here's me missing the wedding ceremony!

I did it!  They're married.

Meet Buck Carington nee Broke, father of two.  Whoops.  He brings in no money (or kids) because I'm pretty sure I did it wrong.  I ended up making him a roommate while trying to move him in, and I think that caused some troubles.

I get rid of his creepy 'stache and give him some stubble, but let him keep his slob clothes because he's a slob, so why not.

This picture comes from way later, when they have a house.  They do not have a house now.  They have $97.

Meanwhile the couple are happy despite their money problems, but are very careful to consummate their marriage with regular woohoo and not try for baby, because a baby would be disastrous right now.

The next day I learn the hazards of sleeping outdoors, as they both wake up baking and sunburnt.  I send them down to the gym to get them out of the heat.

Tessa turns right around so she can spontaneously combust.

She lacks the Stop-Drop-Roll technique, but at least has the presence of mind to call the fire department before I have to start this legacy over.

Tessa:  Plzhelp!

This is really unfortunate, but I'm glad she didn't burn up.  I probably wouldn't randomize a founder nearly as cool if I had to start over.

The temperature is 94*F.  Not exactly combustion-worthy, but definitely uncomfortable to have been out all day in.

Buck meanwhile has been working his sunburn off on the treadmill.  That's nice of him, because I completely forgot about him for awhile.  It's nice to know he can behave.

A zombie grows out of my lawn.

It turns around and gets in a taxi though, so I may not understand zombies.

More zombies eat my garden through the night, which means I really don't understand zombies.

By morning, all my plants are dead.  Unhappy.  This feature does indeed get turned off once I realize you can.  How in the heck are you supposed to keep a garden?

The gym is our daytime place because it's cool and there's a toilet and shower.  Buck came in with level 5 guitar skills, plus a guitar, so I have him play for tips.  He earns $279!

Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes tries to compete, but she's got nothing on Buck.

Then I check the mail and discover we've been given wedding presents!  I sell it all for sweet munz.

Which is promptly spent on a new house!

We can't afford a kitchen yet, let alone a nursery, but I feel better now they're inside and have things like toilets.  Tessa can even practice her alchemy during the day now!

They begin eating on the toilet.


Buck ditches whatever career he had before and grabs one in Music!  I assume (hope) that this is how he becomes a Rock Star.

Continued toilet-eating leads to the purchase of a cute little outdoor eating area.

Buck gets promoted to Roadie, then gets a cold, possibly because he plays guitar in the rain all day.  He won't play inside, so I guess there's not enough room?

This is Susie Broke (now Carington), Buck's daughter.  I feel bad that I separated them, so on Buck's day off, I have him invite her over.

They have a good time together, so at least Susie's not mad about the whole step-mom thing?

Then off she goes into the wild yonder.

She comes back to meet her step-mom though.

 I feel bad, but these kids will not be moving in.


Tessa's alchemy skill level is 8.  I have no where to put this information.

The weather continues to be rainy and miserable as we enter Autumn, but Buck gets another promotion to Stagehand!

Promotion money allows us to move the 'kitchen' indoors!  Hooray!

I don't think you'll see many stars in the rain, but it's cute anyway.

You can't tell it's raining in these pictures, can you?  Darn.

Tessa starts to go stir-crazy, so I send her out to see a magic show.

She has a great time!

Buck stays late with the band and gets another promotion to Band Manager.

One of the band is a vampire who eyes Buck up, but no, bad Buck!  Go home!

Finally, the latest promotion allows us to buy a nursery!

Conveniently, Tessa rolls up a wish for her first child.  Buck has had his locked in for awhile.

Ah, pregnancy!

And with that comes the end of our first chapter.  Things were a little rocky to start with, but they seem to be going well now!  I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter, and I'll see you next time!

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