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3.5.4 Pregnancy and Labor

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Lily became a Young Adult and moved out, and Liang became an Elder.  Sheng and Tai became toddlers, and Jill confronted Liang on why her sister's son looked just like him.  Jill did a little flirting with Tiberius, Arrian's lover, to get back at both of them.  Somehow, this didn't all end in divorce, but did end with two more pregnancies for our heiresses.

This time, we start with my failures.

I apparently can't take care of pets.  I honestly just keep forgetting about him.  

Arrian takes time away from her busy skilling to shove her face into her dog, which makes them both happy.

Afterward, Prince relaxes to watch some TV.

Am I not supposed to let the dog on the furniture?  Because it's adorable, so I'm going to.

Liang:  Can you say "Never love two people at once?"

Tai:  Really, daddy?

But if you hadn't, this adorable little guy would never exist.

Tai:  My feet are flat.

We'll worry about that when you're learning to walk.

Arrian:  Hey, she's pregnant too.

Jill:  Oh, it's her.  Should I talk to her?

Prince:  Why's the hamper gotta be in the way?

Arrian:  Oh plumbs, I'm in labor.  Jill, get help!

Jill:  Ehh...

Prince:  I gotta get to the pool!

Oh, look, it's Sheng's birthday.

Jill:  Whoo, go Sheng!

Arrian:  Why is everyone ignoring me?!

Arrian:  Daddy!  Help!

Arrian:  Daddy?

Hunter:  Sorry, honey, my phone's ringing.

Liang:  Is something happening over there?

Arrian:  Finally.

Aand that pretty much confirms Tiberius as the father!  Congratulations on your semi-legitimate baby, Arrian!

Meet Xing, a Heavy Sleeper who Loves the Cold.  He likes Chinese music, pumpkin pie, and the color gray.  He's a Gemini.

Sheng meanwhile is now Neat, as well as Friendly and Loving the Cold.

Later that night, Jill goes into labor all on her own.

Jillian:  You can do this, Jill, mom did it ten times.

I guess this generation is all boys.

Meet baby Yu Jie!  Yu Jie is an Evil Loner who enjoys Songwriter music, Aloo Masala Curry, and the color Orange, just to spite the rest of the pale color-loving generation.  He's a Taurus.

Sheng wastes no time at all deciding he'd like to be a doctor like his daddy.  But since Liang is already doing that LTW, I don't lock it in yet.  We'll see if he doesn't complete it.

Urgh, why did I take so many dialogue-needing pictures this time?  I'm terrible at dialogue.

Arrian:  See, this baby can't possibly be Liang's.  You have nothing to worry about.

Jillian:  You really think that makes me feel better?

Liang *pretends not to be here*

Arrian:  I think that went well.

Jillian:  I see you, Husband.

Arrian's kind of clueless.

Arrian maxes her guitar skill, completing her LTW!

I have her register as a self-employed sculptor, because I enjoy sculpting and I'm still not sure what the self-employed jobs do.

Sheng becomes the first to use the playground's slide!  He doesn't look like he's having much fun though.

Sheng's a little young for back injuries.

Tai's birthday!

Tai is now Perceptive, a trait I have never made use of.

He's also excitable and hates the outdoors like his mama.

Liang:  This is not my baby...  my baby is in the orange crib.

Look, just feed it, you don't have to love it.  Hunter's not doing it and Arrian's busy.

Speaking of, Hunter is now 100.

They both get the wish, so I send Hunter and Jill out for some bonding time.

Jill is still wearing her mysteriously blue and black outdoor wear.

Hunter:  But... where is she?

Hunter's getting a little hard to control in his later years.

Picture accomplished!

Look, it's that unicorn Liang was looking for!

Even though Hunter doesn't consider Arrian's kids his grandkids (stupid family tree), he does take great care of all the babies.

He also hasn't tried to hit on Arrian, which I appreciate.

A $500 reward is the only benefit I've seen from the self-employment career.  Otherwise it just seems to be a way of keeping score.

As mentioned, Hunter doesn't consider Arrian his child anymore, but he does roll the wish to see her married.  Aww.

Sadly, the only way Arrian can get married is if Hunter dies, because he's taking the husband's slot.

Liang is now a Gene Therapist!  Slowwwwly rising in the ranks.  Pleeease achieve your LTW, I'll feel bad if you don't.

The kids autonomously build a snowman with their grandpa.

Tai:  Shouldn't we be wearing gloves for this?

Yeah, I dunno why you didn't change into your outerwear for this.

Having been denied being a doctor, Sheng decides he wants to be a Forensic Specialist!

According to the description this requires painting and logic, which seems like an odd combination, but okay.  His logic is already level 6.

Arrian's first masterpiece is this rusty metal hunk of circles.

King Tai tries to make friends with Jillian.

Jillian:  Yeah, I dunno about this...

Of course she does anyway.  She's too sweet to blame anything on a kid.

The camera zooms on over to Hunter, and I panic for a moment.

But it's just Xing's birthday.

Hunter's evil smile tells me he's pleased with my heart-attack moment, while Xing's blonde hair makes me happy not everyone is black-haired this generation!

Like Tessa and Jill before her, our heiress sets herself on fire.

Arrian:  This isn't so bad...

Arrian:  Oh, wait, it's terrible!

Off to the shower with you, girl!

I wish the toddler would just go to sleep when you put them into the bed instead of waiting until they're officially tired.  He's so close to it!

I bet real parents wish this also.

Liang maxes his logic skill while beating Sheng at chess.

Sheng:  Don't you know how to throw a game, dad?

He does not.

Surprisingly, Wednesday is a school day!

Even more surprisingly, Tai brought home a friend!
This is Mendy Delaney.

Even though I saw toddlers hiding in toy chests when I first got the game years ago, I still love it.

Xing:  Not-Grandpa can't find me here!

Mendy dresses up as a beautiful princess, and causes me to pause because I didn't realize boys and girls both had the same options on the costume chest.  I'm glad they get to choose!

Jill and Hunter fight to place the baby on the ground, then turn their backs, as is the custom.

And little Yu Jie is a red-head!  Hooray!

We end this chapter with Tai autonomously skilling... pregnancy.

Tai:  I don't think I was ready for these pictures.

Yeah, I don't know how I feel about that.

Never-the-less, we're done for now. 

Until next time, happy simming!

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