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3.5.6 Doctor, Doctor!

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Snowflake day was ruined by Xing and Sheng, Hunter took excellent care of the toddlers, and Liang tried to be useful so people wouldn't hate him so much.  Xing and Yu Jie became children and Tai and Sheng became teenagers.

This time, we actually leave the house some!

Xing:  To the mooooon!!

Not that much.

Yu Jie also decides to skill pregnancy as a child.  It is kind of disturbing that they can do this.

Also, we have plenty of books, I don't know why they keep choosing the pregnancy ones.

The school bus continues to not come anymore, so the kids have to walk to school.

Tai is too slow to avoid getting in trouble, though Jill is gaining.... charisma?  from scolding her nephew.

Or... stepson?  I guess?  I mean, I guess she's his step-mom, but I think I'd go with aunt if I were Tai.

Liang has the wish to go to a dive bar!  Several hours later, I manage to add one to the neighborhood.

This isn't what I picture when you say 'Dive Bar', but sure.

Liang does this sometimes, I think because of his Martial Arts skill.  It's the first time I've caught him.

Probably bad for your knees.

As predicted, Liang heart-sparkles over yet another of Jillian's sisters.  That leaves just Lily.

Back home, Jill puts her definitely-nephew in time out.

Liang heads to buy Avian a drink, but A) there's no bartender, and B) -

This happens.

I guess the fact that a fairy and a vampire are watching the scene kind of negates any weirdness about Liang's choice in diagnosis equipment.

That one actually looks handy.

Liang picks at the patient's nose for a moment.

And cured!  Another successful patient remedied!

Hunter alone in the empty nursery not answering his phone.

It makes me a little sad.

He gets up to put Sheng in time-out, though.  Probably skipped school due to a mood swing?  I don't know, I stopped caring when those happen.

I don't like our new maid as much as the old ones.

Liang tries out the rocking chair.  He is an elder too, after all.

I start to suspect Liang may die before Hunter does.

Here's a rather terrible shot of Yu Jie playing tag with Peach in the pool.

I finally figured out kids can meet their classmates while at school.  They've all been boys, but then I spy a girl in Sheng's relationship panel with only four traits, and have him invite her over.

But it's actually new-maid.  Your relationship panel is lies!

This is Logan.  He doesn't seem to have aged well.

Off to the prom!

Sheng is Prom King!
Tai and Sheng both get rejected by potential love interests several times.
Sheng actually gets rejected by a couple boys.

So not only is Sheng bi, but remember Mendy?

Mendy was a girl the whole time.

Forgive me for being mistaken.

This one in particular seems cruel.

While the older boys are busy, Hunter goes cross-eyed.

No!  I'm not ready!

Yu Jie:  Why is it cold?

Yu Jie:  Grandpa?

Hunter Carington.

Hunter and Yu Jie seem distracted, but Prince is definitely not a fan of Death.

It is time.

I'm not ready!  Please, just a little more time!

You're 110.  You've had plenty of extra time.

Hunter doesn't go without a fight, but go he does.

Hunter was an awesome kid, an amazing magician, a loving father and grandfather, and evil to boot.  I was really beginning to think he'd hang on forever just to spite Arrian, but in the end you can't fight Death.  Hunter, you matched your wife wish for wish for nine of your ten children, and loved all your grandchildren equally, even if you didn't recognize them as grandkids.  Your family tree error made me afraid you'd hit on Arrian but you never did, and I am truly thankful.  I will miss you.

Angelina gets a crib to remember her many baby wishes, while Hunter gets his Magician's hat.  And of course, the portrait of Ollie dog will stay with them.

Or would stay with them if I put their graves on those pedestals I set out for that purpose, which I do not.  No ghosts.

Also I just noticed their colors are backward.  Whoops?

Yu Jie immediately decides he'd like to be Super Popular.  That will go great with your Loner and Evil traits.

Since he also decides he'd like to be the Emperor of Evil, I give him that LTW instead.

I had a joke for this when I took the picture.

But I seem to have forgotten, so just bop him on the head, Peach!

Xing, the only one of the boys who is not in any way Liang's son, asks Liang to read him to sleep in Liang and Jill's bed.

The sparkles come back as Arrian is actually outside playing with her dog.

Go back inside Arrian, you don't belong here.

They came for Jill anyway.

Liang:  Hey, where did Hal's wings go?

Liang is seeing things in his deliriously tired state.

He's level 9, Neurosurgeon.  He's also at the end of his lifebar.

C'mon, Liang, you can do it!

Arrian is heading to a party at Avian's place when her adult birthday hits.

Such pretty sparkles.

Aand her hair reverts.

She does look a bit different, a little more mature, I think.  Arrian's always struck me as child-like even when she turned YA.

Avian's still looking good.

It's not much of a party, since only Arrian and Avian are there, but it gives them a chance to catch up.

Jill, meanwhile, is constantly in the garden, trying to catch up.

She's there all day and never quite finishes.  She doesn't have Hunter to help her now.

I discover that pets have LTRs, but I'm not so sure about this.

Meanwhile, Prince has begun to channel his inner wolf.

Ah, it's just his birthday!

Do dogs and cats actually go gray as they age?  I don't really know.

Prince is now an elder!

Next, it's Xing's turn for a birthday!

He grew into that hair, but I like it for him.  It suits him.

Xing is now Clumsy, as well as a Vehicle Enthusiast, Heavy Sleeper who Loves the Cold.

Since Jillian is Ambitious but doesn't have a job to get promoted in, she has a lot of random skill points to make her feel like she's progressing.

Here she's learning handiness just to make the itching stop.

I don't really know what to do with Xing.  He doesn't have any skill traits, no particular wants, and no LTW.  I make him work out just because.

A little later I smarten up and send him out to help with the garden.

Since Arrian has completed all the sculpting challenges (which... I thought I had a picture of, but I guess not), she can make permanent ice sculptures.  I have her sculpt Jill.

Yu Jie's just there for attention.

It's pretty nice!
Sadly, Arrian can't sculpt herself or Prince.

It's Yu Jie's turn to grow up!

Yu Jie:  Quick, get help!

Peach:  But no one can see me!

Yu Jie puts on his angry face and rolls the Insane trait, to go with his Evil Loner Workaholic personality.

Peach grows up too!

Unlike Logan and Cherry, these two actually do get along.

Arrian hasn't rolled any wishes for her Midlife Crisis, but finally decides she'd like a makeover.

I think it's cute.

Liang becomes a World Renowned Surgeon, completing his LTW at 92!

I knew you could do it, Liang!

Now that he can die peacefully, we'll leave this chapter.  See you next time!

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