Friday, October 7, 2016

3.5.2 Weddings

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Jillian and Arrian both got pregnant with Generation 4.  Angelina passed away, and everyone was upset about it.  Liang got engaged to Jill and had a fight with Arrian for some reason.  I also promised that Jill was in labor.

Which she is!

Meet baby Sheng.  Sheng is Friendly and Loves the Cold.  He likes country music, veggie rolls, and the color lilac.  He's a Sagittarius.

After the bachelor party, Trigger decides to sleep off his nectar in Adrian's old bed.

Despite her energy still being in the green, Jill passes out on the floor.

At least she finished cooking first.

Luckily, Hunter is there to take care of Sheng.

After raising ten kids, having only one must seem like a vacation.

Arrian goes into labor next, while playing her guitar.

The maid is really freaking out about it.

Garret:  Does no one care that this woman is having a baby?!

Liang:  Nope.

But to whom?

Meet baby Tai!  He Hates the Outdoors and is Excitable.  He likes Latin music, autumn salads, and the color sea foam.  He's a Leo.

And for now, his father remains a mystery.

I build a lovely wedding area, so Liang and Jill get married in their everyday clothes in the rain.

This would be a great spot for some romantic vows.

But they're married already!  Too late!

See?  Lovely.  Even if the family doesn't appreciate the seating.

Jill and Liang want to take their honeymoon to France, and I'm eager to get back there!

But, when we arrive, we find the whole family has come, and also that I have no Sim in my UI and no control over anyone.

Let's try that again.

Jill:  Who's that in your thought bubble, honey?

Liang: No one.

And look, formal wear and everything.

The family still doesn't quite get it, but Garret the maid sobs through the whole ceremony.

Let's see if we can catch Liang smiling.


...I think this is the best we're going to get.

I try five more times to get them to France, or Egypt, or anywhere, but travel appears to be broken no matter what I do.


So I let them on freewill for the rest of the night instead.  Not exactly the same as a honeymoon.

Liang hits the Juice while Jill is already out of her dress and ready for the water slide.

And through all that I forget it's also Jill's Adult birthday.

Her hair!

Of course she has a midlife crisis, and of course this is her first wish.

Not right now, honey, it's still your wedding day.

Hunter goes to sleep so Sheng goes ignored.  God forbid the parents do any parenting.

Liang's got leaves to rake.

Hunter's parental sensors are going off, though, and gets to Sheng before the social worker.

Autonomously, Arrian finally gets someone to agree to the 'Ask to Sketch' request.

Just ignore the missing ceiling.  I do.

Jill's poses are fabulous.

The results are underwhelming, but Jill loves it.

Jill:  Hey, why is my husband in your thought bubble?

Arrian:  Never mind that, let's pillow fight!

And then they did.

Jill grabs Tai in an effort to show Hunter she can parent.  It's not her kid, but okay.

Arrian meanwhile is making a very important call.

Arrian's hair means that there is a wrong side to take her picture on.

Meet Prince, Arrian's new dog!  He was the only dog available who wasn't an elder, so he wins by default!  He loves to swim.


Arrian's pretty much stricken with joy.  Prince is also overjoyed that we have a pool.

Lily still lives with us.  Here she is playing with leaves, lest you forget her.

I'll try not to spam the dog too much.

But so adorable!

Jill:  Hey, don't ignore me!

I wasn't ignoring you, I was just -


Jill:  I'm getting struck by lightning.


Hunter on his own is getting pretty far up the sculpting skill.

It's hard to tell, but it's a freezer bunny with jagged teeth and its tongue out.

Prince guards his bed.

Prince:  Mine.

But I just noticed it's got cow and zebra patterns on it, and I was going to change-

Prince:  Mine.

Okay, sorry.

Lily has a rebel day and changes her hair.  I streak some black in there because I liked it on Sebastian.

I like it on Lily too.

Liang never goes to work.  Every day it says he's going to, then changes to this.

He'll never reach his LTW :(

We end with the rocking chair, which is like Sim crack.  It's cute but the adult gets all stare-y and emotionless when they sit on it.  Kind creepy.

Next time - Hunter's 94 - will he live forever?  More babies?   Will Arrian find someone to marry?  Who fathered her baby anyway?  Tune in next time and we'll find out together!  Bye for now!

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