Sunday, October 2, 2016

3.0.2 Playground

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Lillian became a child and Arrian learned to sculpt.  Everyone had a good Snowflake Day and Jillian convinced her Chinese boyfriend to move in and join the family.  I tried to give Adrian some more screen time and Arrian got jealous.

This time we start off with skilling.

Lily and Adrian are doing what they do best.

I don't know if Liang needs anything besides Logic for his Medical career, so I have him working to max it out.  He'll be here or at work pretty much the whole chapter.

Jillian continues her quest to learn every recipe and has reached cooking level 9!  She can now make Dim Sum (Liang's favorite) and French Toast (Lillian's favorite).

French toast is not a level 9 skill.  I can make French toast and my main cooking equipment is the microwave.

I thought this before, but now that she's pulled out a chainsaw, I really have to say that sculpting doesn't seem like an inside skill.

Arrian hates the outdoors, though, so inside it stays, chainsaw and all.

Speaking of the outdoors, I promised landscaping come spring, so here it is!  The Caringtons now have a pool, a proper garden, a playground for the kids, and an actual walkway up to the house.

They also have a pond, which I added after taking this picture.  Jill can't stock it yet - I think she needs more fish?

Avian is the first to break in the water slide, and her back, apparently.

Her next go is better.

Lillian is still young enough to ride on whatever this thing is!  Springy-Death-Trap-Thing.

Adrian meanwhile can't figure out see-saws.

I've bought canes for my elders, but I've never seen them use them.  Here's Hunter glitched with it in his hand like he intends to whoop someone with it.

In actual daylight, Lillian enjoys the sandpit.

Here's a few shots with Adrian in it.

Now I'm ignoring Avian.

Arrian:  Urgh, I really have to talk to him?

Adrian:  Is that how you talk to your older brother?

Arrian:  Older by like three minutes!

Arrian:  I will end you.

Yeah, they don't get along.

Since she's close to finishing my version of her LTW, Jillian converts the garden over to a fruit garden for nectar-making.  There are probably way too many plants here, but eh.

I'll also widen the garden out once these start growing.  I think a lot of them are trees.

My walls are down again?!  Gross.

Avian:  I still want a dog.

I remember.

Hunter uses the sandpit much more than the kids.

Meet Abi Yat Sen, Liang's mother!  We got a notice about how old she's getting and Liang wanted to invite her over, so here she is!

Inappropriate, Hunter.

Hey, after putting up with 10 kids, I'm not going to start ignoring their wishes now.

Luckily I had sent Angelina down to the festival, so she's not there to witness anything.

The plants were oddly specific about where I could put them, possibly because of the gnomes?

Also, there's an unplanted pomegranate on the ground!

Left on freewill, these two do a little flirting.

Old people have feelings too.

Uh...   I think you need a new umbrella, Hunter.

Is.. his shadow doing something different than he is?  *squints*

Liang is promoted from the sketchy Organ Donor to the more acceptable Bed Pan Cleaner.

Hi Logan!

(My naming theme for this generation was names that end in -an.  But I just realized Logan is the only one whose name doesn't end in -ian.  /random aside)

It's Lillian's birthday, which means I can put up an heir poll!

The poll will probably be over by the time this goes up, so I don't feel too bad saying... I don't really like Lillian.  Something about how she turned out is just... wrong.  I feel the same way about Adrian.

It's weird - the first six kids were all good looking, I thought.

Lily now Loves the Outdoors, so at least she can help Jill with the garden.

Hunter plays in the sand while the old soon-to-die Abi plays on the waters slide.

In the snow.

Butternut appears to have fallen in love!

Every morning Angelina wakes up first and gathers all the laundry scattered about.

It's nice to have a routine.

Avian:  You still haven't gotten me a dog.

You'll get a dog if you're heir, honey.

Liang is promoted to paramedic while his coworker dies.  Probably why the position opened up.

It's prom time!

Meanwhile, Liang gets to take a break from chess and play with the pool fountain.

Arrian got into a bunch of fights.  Avian missed the first half of prom due to work, but manages to score a crush, Dominique Apablaza.

Adrian was voted Prom King, while Lily begged for Prom Queen.

I didn't get a notice about this, but Lily also failed in her quest for love.

Angelina decides to skinny dip in the snow, thankfully while everyone else is asleep.

Jillian maxed her cooking skill!  She looks awfully proud of herself.

Only a few recipes left to learn!

This is Dominique!  Avian invites him over for Love Day.

Just FYI, I find romantic scenes very awkward.  It's unlikely you'll get good ones from me.

Omgosh there's a plane in the sky!

Oh, and Avian got her first kiss.

Adrian is also looking for love today, but he doesn't know any teens besides his sisters.

I don't know if the prom generates them, or what.

Oh, look, Liang is skilling.

Jill is learning recipes.

They're so unromantic.  They didn't throw any wishes for Love Day.

Dom meets Lily.

While Arrian is apparently aware we're lacking easels in this household (and Angelina is working out in the back).


Yeah, no kidding, person person minus.

Don't flirt with your date's sister is a good start.

Lily:  Sorry, Avian...

Avian:  Don't talk to me.

Adrian defends his sister.

Adrian;  You wouldn't cheat on Avian if you half a brain.

Which is ominously all I have for now.  The triplets are coming up on their YA birthdays, so we should have our second heir soon.  Find out next time!


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