Friday, September 30, 2016

3.0.0 Onward and Forward

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, baby Lillian grew into a toddler, while her mom Angelina became an elder.  Vivian became a young adult, and I actually had to decide on an heiress.  A successful trip to Egypt meant that Jillian won, and we are now officially in Generation 3.

This time, we start with saying goodbye to Vivian.

Goodbye, Vivian!  Try not to disappear like your brothers!

In preparation for the new house, we move the miner and find this huge hole, which makes sense I suppose.

It takes an annoyingly long time to fill in, which... also makes sense, I suppose.

Stupid logic.

A late thaw gives Jillian one more chance to tend the garden before Winter.

Look, dialogue!

Avian:  You are going to break hearts when we grow up.

Arrian:  Your popularity will be off the charts, sis!

The girls get along great!  It's nice to finally have siblings who like each other.

Jillian decides the best place to practice snake charming is the bathroom.  Obviously.

Hunter has lost the ability to play for tips - I can't click on him for options anymore.

So I send him down to the simfest to see if he can join in, and discover there are now five proprietors.  I don't know what happened to Mara, but this seems glitched.

He's so close!  So frustrating.  He can't join the simfest, because I think that's what's glitching.

Avian:  Do you think we'll get to throw parties when we're teens?

Shhh, your mom is right there.

After reading the recipe for Falafel, the game decides that Jillian has completed her LTW to learn every recipe.

44% is not 'every recipe'.  She hasn't even maxed her cooking yet!  Despite what the game says, I am determined she will learn them all anyway.

I never directed her to make hot dogs.  Weird.

Adrian:  I feel ignored.

Yeah, you're easy to forget when your sisters are so creepy/cute.

Jillian now knows how to make Shawarma - her favorite meal!

Have I ever mentioned what a good sport Hunter is?  He's handled his 10 (or 11, counting Mixxuchoo) kids wonderfully.  And except for Lillian here, he matched Angelina for every baby wish.  Go Hunter!

Now enjoy some pictures I accidentally took while rebuilding the house.

Ta-dah!  Weirdly symmetrical house complete!

The kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms are still about in the same places, but I've moved the two master bedrooms downstairs, added a study and a laundry room with a third bathroom, and stuck the nursery/kids' playroom in the middle.  The middle area can be used for skilling objects, and I plan to do some actual landscaping once spring rolls around.  There's three bedrooms upstairs, again undecorated.

(Because I don't want my sims to spend time upstairs except for sleeping - I want to only watch one floor.  It's not laziness!  Well, not pure laziness.)

My gnome collection is coming along.  We have three spring gnomes, three magic gnomes (actually four, but one is on stage with Hunter), the freezer bunny, and the witch I still don't know how I got (I didn't do any of the things the wiki said spawned her).

There's a ladybug on the freezer bunny :o

Lily finally breaks in the candy doll-house.

She eats the one part of it not made of candy.

Lillian:  Om nom nom!

While in Egypt, Jill picked up a mummy teddy bear for Lily!

It gives her a moodlet when I put it in her inventory, which is adorable!

Angelina chats up the maid (making me glad we no longer pay by the hour).

Angelina:  My Hunter is the best magician this side of Sim City!  Have you ever seen him on stage?

You've never seen him on stage.

The outside view - I think Symmetrical House looks pretty good =D

Hunter finally gets on stage, and juuuuuuust barely misses his promotion.  Gah.

I'm not sure what the purpose of laundry is except to give you another chore.  I hope the maid does this.

Or Angelina, I guess.

Then everyone in the house starts vomiting after they eat, even though the food is fresh.  I have no idea what's going on.

(I'll spare you the pictures)

Angelina:  There's no ceiling over that corner.

Eww, gross.

Angelina gets a wish!  But she's a bit cowardly about it.

She gets a butterfly on her wrist, in a vague theme of rebirth and new life.

Yay, the maid does the laundry!

And we get a positive moodlet from it, Yayx2!

Although she doesn't look happy about it, Arrian proves herself by doing what she can to take care of Lily on freewill.

Like father, like son.

I'm sorry Adrian is so ignored.  I didn't really realize I was doing it.

As promised, Jill is doing her best to learn new recipes, while Arrian also gets ill after eating perfectly good bouillabaisse. 

The proprietors continue to multiply.  I suspect this may become a problem.

No!!  Ollie!  Ollie, come back!  I'm sorry I sent you away!

Excited Hunter reaches the top of the Magician career, becoming a Master Magician and fulfilling his LTW!

Arrian:  You forgot our birthdays.

Oh, crap.

Several frantic hours later, the triplets are finally dressed.

Arrian is now a Savvy Sculptor!

Avian is now a Computer Whiz!

And Adrian is now Athletic!

I don't like his hair, and promptly change it, but don't take a picture because I'm good at this.

Guess who else had a birthday!

...I don't have an after shot to show.  Another time!

Wha...?  You can't!  No!

I send Angelina down to the winter festival to get her mind off babies.

She enjoys herself ice skating.

She's the only one who actually ice skates though.  The fairies fly and the werewolves leap along.  I'm not sure what they get from doing this.

Another outfit!  Must be time for Jill's trip to China!

I'm sorry if traveling is boring, and for ending three chapters with it now.

I miss the intro shot (loading times are loooong), so here's an overview.  China is very pretty.

But never mind, pretty!  We're here for adventure!

We go to some tomb to get something for some lady.  Pretty much the same as always.

The city is glorious.  I really like it!

Jill, that is an impressively unnecessary dive.

Why you gotta be so cool, China?

It's about time Jill found a husband.  None of her contacts from the other locations seem interested, so it's time to take this seriously.

The small nosed man is not single.

But Liang is!  They're not listed as compatible, buuut...

Jill makes up her own mind.

The first kiss I promised her!

I let them go on freewill, and they get along great!

We will be calling, Liang!

After buying all the new stuff and a few more adventures, Jill relaxes with a bit of koi fishing to round out her trip.

And this rounds out our chapter.  I hope you enjoyed, and see you next time!


  1. I was going to comment on Boolprop, but I didn't want to forget since I'm so far behind....the miner leaves the hole and you can click on it and explore it. You can find anything from gnomes to pink diamonds in it. Congrats on picking an heiress!

    Culinary Librarian is one of the fastest and easiest LTW's to complete. You don't even need to have a high cooking skill, just know 28 recipes total, which is nowhere near every recipe in the game anymore.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I didn't know you could explore the miner hole, I'll have to give that a try!

      I hope you enjoy Jillian as heiress! I think she's lovely ^.^ And I definitely didn't realize how easy Culinary Librarian was. I go ahead and make her learn all the recipes anyway! /slavedriver