Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2.3 It's in the Air

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, EVERYONE had birthdays.  Everyone.  Probably even you.

(Bonus points if you just had a birthday)

Both Hunter and Angelina have Midlife Crisis-es (What is the plural of crisis?).

Hunter makes the first move by flirting with Mara Pinson, who replaced Rainer Kowling at the Performance Park.

Varian wants Painting skills, while Vivian wants to write.  The little ones are artistic.

Lucas is unhappy to see his brother cheating.

Really thought I got a better picture than this.

Trigger stalks Hunter while he wishes for a makeover.

.....He's happy.  That's enough.

Now that there are no babies or toddlers in the house, Hunter can get back to performing!, then Sebastian went to prom! >.>

He's prom king and impressed fellow teen Stacey Alexander into a romantic relationship.

Yeah, I forgot the picture.

This would be cute!  If every single child didn't ask for it every single night.

Also, they only have toddler books to read.

Acai, Varian's Imaginary Friend, grows up!

Because she wants to write, Vivian gets the family their first computer and sets to work on her first novel 'Gem Quest'.

She quickly settles her LTW into Star News Anchor.

Hunter wants an expensive car, so we spend most of the family's remaining funds on this.

That's three wishes to Angelina's zero for Hunter.

Actually, that's not true.  Both of them constantly roll the wish to get divorced, but NO.  TOO MANY KIDS, STICK IT OUT.

There's not even any reason for it, they get along great and are perfectly happy together.  You'd think the divorce wish would be a little more rare.

Now that Spring is here, the kids actually go to school!

Left alone for the first time in ages while Hunter goes to perform, Angelina is... bored.

Angelina:  I want another baby.

You can't.

Julian grows into a teen that night!  He is now Insane.

That's an Insane, Evil, Neurotic who Loves the Heat, if you forgot.

When else am I going to get to use this outfit?  He's too cool to put his sister's orange in though and sticks with black.

Jillian grows up adorable!  She's now Adventurous!

And since I recapped Juls, Jill is an Excitable, Ambitious, Adventurous person who Loves the Outdoors.  So cute!

She's not too cool to take her brother's turquoise into her outfit.

Hunter continues to roll wishes to cheat on his wife.

While Angelina stays home and cooks him a nice meal.

She hasn't completed a single Midlife Crisis wish.

Julian wakes with a mood swing, and would also like to be the Emperor of Evil.

That's not much of a swing.

Julian:  You're a terrible mother!

Angelina:  What?  There are six of you!

Logan left waffles in the oven.

Firelady:  What's wrong with you?  I'm called a firefighter, not a firelady!

Sorry :3

To prevent stir-craze, I send Angelina out to the simfest, and she finally rolls a MLC want that's not divorce.

Brother-in-Law Lucas is appalled by the infidelity going on.

The garden needs extra attention after a long winter.

Actually, I should have had Jill do this.  Whoops.

Poor guy's out there all day.

Julian inspects Nackerbell in his swimwear.  I'm not sure what she's doing.

Sebastian makes the stove fireproof to prevent future waffle-mishaps.

Birch still hasn't grown up.  Vivian puts in some quality time with him.

Jillian:  You're so evil!

Julian:  Yawn - duh!

No one really likes Juls.

See?  They're lining up to insult him.

Sebastian:  Why do you have to be so crazy?

Julian:  People like me plenty!

You don't even like yourself.

See?  Even Julian argues with Julian.

Hunter gets lured out by the sparkles.

This happens rather often, doesn't it?

Logan's turn for a mood swing.

Logan:  It's because I'm starving!

You kids are always starving when you wake up.  Your mom gets up at like, 4:30 to make you breakfast everyday and you usually have cake instead.

Jillian gets distracted painting and forgets to go to school (my bad).

Meanwhile, Logan also skipped school, and Angelina doesn't care.

Hunter and Angelina finish their midlife crisis-es.  Hunter completed 7 wishes, while Angelina completed 1.  That's all of them except the divorce wishes, and this, Hunter's new tattoo.

Wrong arm, but it's cramped and dark and she's old.  At least it looks right.

He got an evil little sun to remind people of his Evil trait.

Julian gets put in timeout for... ?   He probably did something.


And while I'm showing screenshots:

Yes, Angelina, I get it.  Notice she now has TWO wishes for a baby.

And this!

I didn't worry about it because I didn't think he could get pregnant with the house full!  Gah!

Notice he also has a wish for a baby. 

On Love Day, it's Sebastian's turn to wake up with a mood swing.

He's more interested in his girlfriend from prom (remember that great picture?), Stacey Alexander.

If you're wondering where Jillian is, she's fishing.  She hasn't rolled up a LTW yet, but she seems to enjoy fishing.


Stacey:  I want to be treated like a beautiful princess.

Sebastian:  You already look like one, my sweet.

Hunter manages level 8, Spellcaster!  In the rain, of course.

Awkward dialog is awkward.

Let's just skip it.  Aww.

This is Leslie, who is a boy.  I didn't know that when Julian invited him over.

Logan tried to get in on it, too, but alas.

It makes perfect sense to do this in the rain instead of the nice house behind you.

Angelina meets Stacey.

Guess Stacey was too nervous to think of anything to say.

Meanwhile, Les and his eye-shielding hair is unimpressed with Juls' wild theories.

Here's Vivian!  Remember her?  Her writing skill is level 7 already.

She's stressed now.

Like all my kids, Varian refuses to emote while he finishes his painting and decides he wants to be a Master of the Arts.

Jill:  Did dad get a tattoo?  And a baby bump?

Varian gets put in time out for fighting with Stacey.  I didn't actually see him do it because I was at Hunter's magic show, but that's what it said.

At said show, Hal is unimpressed by Hunter's failed trick.

Guess whose turn it is to have a mood swing!

She eggs the neighbor's house, then runs home, then runs BACK outside to be driven home by the cops.

Stupid psychic cops.

Since she also skipped school, Jillian is grounded by a heavily pregnant Hunter.

Like, super pregnant.


Apparently, if your house is full, the little baby is automatically sent back to its home world.

Hunter:  Goodbye, Mixxuchoo! (the game named him)

Aren't you sad about your baby leaving at all?

Hunter:  Didn't you not want the baby?

Well, at first... but you're going to have another one anyway, and... aww, shoot.  Now I'm sad.

See you next time, folks.

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