Saturday, September 17, 2016

1.4 Mood Swings

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time we acquired a gnome, Lucas became a teenager, Hunter became a child, and Tessa completed her LTW.  Meanwhile, Buck cheated on his wife with vampires and aliens.

Tessa is looking kind of slim and a little unhealthy, but that's all right.  I still love her <3

Since Tessa has a back stock of elixirs, I decide to replace the Alchemy station with a Chemistry station, which apparently makes potions, because science!

It's going well.

The family that skills together stays together!

...where's Buck?

Why, he's becoming a Rock Star and completing his LTW!

Buck signs autographs for some extra cash and flirts with his fans.  This happens with at least half the people who show up.

Buck and Tessa get a free vacation to... somewhere!  Leaving Lucas alone to watch Hunter.  I assume shenanigans are meant to happen.

Left on free will and with his parents gone, Lucas plays chess.

Hunter, meanwhile, eats some delicious leftover salad.

And wishes for an easel. 

And then paints on the easel.  Exciting!

Lucas actually does wish to throw a Teen Party, but he doesn't know any other teens.  I've haunted the school creepily, but there don't seem to be any other kids his age.

Here he is fulfilling a wish to catch a rodent instead.  Lucas likes rodents.

Meet Skimpers, the rat we decide to keep!

Lucas and Hunter are actually not close, and they don't get much closer, sadly.

Because freewill is immediately stomped by Skimpers!

He's a good rat though.

Time to sparkle!

(not shown:  sparkles)

Hunter is now a Heavy Sleeper.  Yawn.

Feeling a little warm and tidy in that jacket, Hunter goes upstairs to change clothes.  He hasn't changed much.

Why does the mailman just throw the bills on the ground?  This seems illegal.



The adults return with no harm done, though it seems Buck had his Elder birthday while they were away!

Buck decides he wants to date 5 sims.  Sigh.

Welcome back, Roxie Lin!

Even the random gym-horse is disgruntled by this wish.

Roxie ends up leaving right away, however.  Maybe this won't work out.

Buck tries to call up his boss, Nadine, but she's already here with her husband Yuki who has also cheated on Nadine with Roxie.  It's just a mess up here.

Lucas makes the honor roll.  Try to keep this in mind for later!

Because we're about to be distracted.

I don't know if I somehow lost track of the days, but it really seemed like Buck was not an Elder for long.  This caught me completely by surprise.

Buck Carington.

Buck goes peacefully regardless.  I'm still in shock.

It is time.

Buck was a good sport about kissing Tessa's toady skin.  Though he ignored his children (all four of them) and cheated on his wife, he kept it together and earned the family much needed money.  I'll miss him.

Back home, the family is distraught.  Tessa cries before and after everything she does, poor thing.

We've acquired another gnome somehow.  Her name is Nackerbell, once again because that's her name.

I can't move the urn, so I send Tessa down to the gym to pick it up.  It'll stay in her inventory, though, because I dislike ghosts.

Sorry ghost fans!

Poor Tessa is really unhappy :(

The next day, Lucas wakes up with a mood swing.

And so does Hunter.  Wonder what could be bothering them.

Both of them feel like fighting, so the little relationship they had disappears.  Hunter hates his whole family at this point.

Lucas wants to make enemies with Tessa, and uses one of her own Elixirs to do it.  He later uses one on Hunter too, a relationship that never recovers.

Hunter gets a haircut, trading his mop for a green-spiked mohawk.

Lucas eggs the neighbor's house...

While Hunter pranks the school.

Hunter gets caught.  Run, Hunter, run!

Not that way!

Back home, Hunter is grounded for a couple days by a furious Tessa.

While Lucas gets off easy, enjoying some quality tunes with Butternut.

That's all for now.  What a heart-breaking chapter.

Still, I hope you enjoyed.  See you next time!

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