Thursday, September 15, 2016

1.3 Sparkles and Critters

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Lucas aged to child while being almost completely ignored by his father, and baby Hunter grew into a toddler, ignored by his mother.  What a great family we have going!

Lucas often checks for monsters under his bed, probably because he is brave - but when he finds them he runs away, which is less brave.

I never get a good shot of the monster (or see it at all), but here he is running to sleep in his parents' bed instead.

After Buck reaches level 10 in Guitar, it occurs to me that I probably should have had him out playing for tips the whole time.  Whoops?

Love day is boring for children, so I send Lucas down to the festival to see what he can find.

His parents take the opportunity to ignore Hunter and rekindle their romance.

Lucas gets his face painted.  This is supposed to be a pirate, but it looks like a badly done dog.  He didn't fulfill the wish either, so I'm guessing this didn't work out right.

Regardless, he heads off to gather eggs.  I don't know what the eggs do, but they're everywhere, so we gather them!

No one has wishes for babies, thankfully, so it looks like Hunter and Lucas are it.  That doesn't stop Tessa and Buck from having fun, though.

Lucas rounds out his day by playing horseshoes with Flo Broke, presumably some kind of relative, though she doesn't appear on the family tree.  "Aunt" Flo is a werewolf, apparently, and she doesn't take too kindly to being beaten by a small child.

Deer are pretty, but they're really pests.

Buck got up to chase him off, but see?  Destroyed the tomato plant.

Buck was promoted to Pop Icon, leaving one more promotion to go before he's a Rock Star!

We've acquired a gnome.  He mostly hangs out making faces at the garden.

I name him Butternut, because that's his name.

This dresser is the only display place in the house, and is getting awfully crowded.  I'm guessing collecting eggs gave us the egg things.

Reigning table king Lucas decides his LTW is to be The Zoologist.  This seems more obtainable.

Tessa passes off the Collection Helper, but Lucas's birthday hits while he's out looking for critters to catch.

Lucas is now Flirty like his dad!

I really don't need this to happen every time I get a teenager.  I still haven't moved the first one!

No one is safe from Tessa's potion throwing.  (35/50)



Nooooo Buck, run!

Run better!

Buck is returned to us a few minutes later, lightly probed.  Poor guy.

Tessa bought the toddler skilling books as well when she was out buying gardening books.  Perhaps these will make up for your parents ignoring you?

To be fair, Buck does roll up wishes for him, he just works a lot and the timing is never right.

See?  Tessa in her swimwear never gets stung, but poor Buck in sensible clothes is swarmed.

Tessa starts throwing bees at people she doesn't know, but this guy kinda seems to like it?

Also, there are no bees.

Lucas caught a shrew!  (1/20)

I hope these can hold more than one, or we're going to need a lot of them.

"Grow, grow!"

Butternut encourages the plants.

Yes, Hunter's still a toddler.  Not for long, though!

Again with the cross-eyed.

Because he was largely ignored, Hunter grows up badly, but it doesn't matter since traits are random anyway.  He rolls Artistic.

Family out on the curb?  Must be a remodel!

My sense for color continues to bleed eyes.

We ran out of money before we could add a proper dining set or kitchen (or windows still), but I think it's a good set up.  We can add a nursery back on later when Gen 2 needs it.

And the upstairs.  The sweet Irish Green is kind of soothing after all the red.

Hunter is not safe from mom's LTW.

He also decides he wants to be a Master Magician, so that was quick!

This fairy is always standing here, just yelling and holding a balloon.  I don't know what he's for.

Buck invites over his boss, vampire Nadine Ivanov.  He's friends with all his bandmates, so time to be friends with her too.  

She leaves quickly, however, and Buck heads to the gym to play for tips.

Where he is promptly interrupted by someone dying.  Not Buck's day.

Tessa finally has enough gardening skill to plant all her seeds!  And the garden looks much neater next to the new house.

The kids decide to sign up for after-school activities.  Lucas joins the Debate team while Hunter chooses Ballet.

A chipmunk! (2/20)

They indeed can not hold more than pet at a time.  I start to wonder if I'm going to have to add on a new room for these things until I realize...

Everyone is enamored with these things!  It completely destroys their freewill, because this is all they do, and they cause traffic jams all grouped together like this.

I put them in the family inventory for a moment, which is when I realize you don't actually have to KEEP twenty little pets, you just have to catch them.  We keep one.

Years of unclogging toilets allows Tessa to upgrade the sink to be self-cleaning.

Buck's still trying to build relationship with his boss, but jamming together is not a bonding activity it seems.


Hunter spies his dad flirting with the vampire in broad daylight while his wife is in the (windowless) house.  Their relationship is destroyed.

Buck tries to cover, but Hunter goes on to grow up with almost no relationship with either of his parents.

Tessa completes her LTW with a thinning elixir!  I... didn't realize she had so much 'weight' on her.  As she looked perfectly fine before, I didn't really expect the potion to do much.  This is kind of creepy.

At least Hunter still has his brother.

That's it for this entry!  I hope you enjoyed, and see you next time!

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