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2.6 Deciding the Heir

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!

Last time, Ollie the dog took over the house while the triplets aged to children.  Final Generation 3 baby, Lillian, was born all on her lonesome, and the house once again has 8 Sims.  Jillian went to France and I learned some important lessons about traveling.

This time, we decide on an heiress.  Or at least one of them, since this will probably be a dual-heir generation.  Also, this chapter is a bit shorter than usual.  I apologize for that, but it's gotta end when I decide the heir!

But first Jillian has to graduate, queue stomping her whole family twice.

Hate graduations so much.  They even tried to bring the baby.

Anyway, she graduates with merit and is voted most likely to fulfill her LTW.

The girls don't have any particular skills they need that they can work on (Arrian's a virtuoso, but children can't play instruments, stupid).  So they play chess together.

(That's me calling myself stupid, not calling YOU stupid.  I wouldn't do that! <3 )

 Adrian meanwhile decides he'd like to write, like Vivian.

Speaking of Vivian, she's off to prom!

She wins a dance off and becomes Prom Queen!

The girls are pretty much always together.  It's creepy.  The fact that I dressed them the same doesn't help.

At least I didn't give them both those braids...

Another gnome appears!

Thanks to the helpful Sam (Hi Sam!), I was able to look up why!

Apparently it's because the dog was barking at the refrigerator.  Odd.

Heh.  The last thing the maid does is clean the beebox, which we don't even use anymore.  This time he got swarmed.

Vivian had a mood swing and egged the neighbors.  When she gets home, she's grounded... by her sister.  Lazy parents.

I looked it up and apparently when the option to adopt doesn't appear for a stray, it helps to send the animal away and wait for it to come back, option now available.  I decide to try it out because Avian wants a dog (Animal Lover), and just having Ollie hang out around the house isn't enough.

Plus he's cute, even if he's a pain too.

Avian:  I wanted a dog now.

Sorry, baby.

Lillian's birthday finally rolls around, and Angelina looks like she's sick of it.

But this is the LAST baby, get that want out of your box, Angelina, THE LAST BABY of Generation 3.

Also, Angelina achieved her LTW ages ago, but I never had anywhere to mention it.  Obviously 5 of her children have become teens, and more.

And Lillian is another red head!  How sweet.

Around this time, Avian rolled up the LTW to be 'Swimming In Cash'

So what happened was, Jill bought Tiberium (I think?) in France.  I sent them to get Spire cut since they were poisoning her in her inventory, then set them about the house.  Then they grew and became worth WAY more than I paid for them.  Selling them fulfilled Avian's LTW.

Unlike TS2/4, you can't get another LTW, so I don't know if this was good or not.  But money is better.

Angelina is finally aging to elder, no longer able to bear children no matter what wishes she has.

Synchronized celebrating!

Angelina:  Oh, no, this was a mistake.

Aww, she looks sad.

I did customize her outfits (I usually don't for elders), but I apparently didn't take a picture afterward, so you'll have to wait.

Vivian's YA birthday is next!

She rolls Neat as her last trait.  And now I really have to decide on an heiress.

SO!  My plan is this:  Jill wants to go to Egypt, so if she can complete the trip without problem, she will become the heiress.  If not, Vivian wins instead.  I've gone back and forth between them so many times, this was the only fair way to choose I could come up with.

I save before going, and am hit with an Error 12.

This isn't actually the trip's fault, however, so it doesn't count against Jill.  Still, not a good indicator of what's to come.

For the curious, I checked and my C:/ drive was nearly full.  I deleted files and pictures and a game and was still in the red, so I went to extremes and uninstalled The Sims 4.  I'm focusing on 3 anyway.  I'm now safely in the blue.  After that, I was able to save.

Welcome to Egypt!

Jill hits up the Adventure board, and we're sent off by... this lady to find some documents.

Jillian:  I'm so going to win.

We'll see.

I actually made Jillian a few outfits, so I switch to another for her Egypt adventure.  She's so cute.

An awful lot of skeletons in these beginner ruins.

This one took me a stupidly long time to figure out.  The other statues don't move!  What's that?  Just stand on the second plate, you idiot?  Right.

We need turquoise for the next stage of this quest, but none is appearing on the map.  So we go shopping instead.

We pick up cherries and pomegranates, a snake basket, and the recipes we need.

Okay, I clearly favor Jillian myself, but I'll take Vivian if the traveling thing is going to be a pain.

Egypt is more impressive to me than France was.

And they sell Shawarma, Jill's favorite food!

That's right, just leave your dirty plate on the epic monument.  I'm sure there's janitors.

There is no turquoise around these pyramids or anywhere else that I can see.  I finally cancel the opportunity and pick up another one.

Just in case, I have her collect things on the way.

Now she has allergies.

Night is making it hard, but we discover some excavating opportunities as well.  Jill's brushing the grass here, but she does eventually find some rubies.

Jillian:  I can't believe I'm already an a young adult and I've never seen a man's-


I promise, no matter what, you will get your first kiss while under my control.

Finally on to more adventures!

This is Sopdu Hawas, and he would like some copper.  And to get to know Jill better.

I pick up as much copper as I can, just in case it clears the way for turquoise later.

Our next adventure is to take a picture of some rubble.  I choose a tomb at random, the Sphinx, and.... oooh.  Pretty.

I admit, this one took me awhile.  Once I realized you can swim on the sides it was a lot easier.

Jillian:  Hrrrrrgh!  I should really work on my athletic skill!

Why's it gotta be this way?!

We eventually do find some rubble (after googling, I'm not too proud to admit it), but I have so much fun exploring the Sphinx that I never turn it in.  Oh well.

And, Jillian returns home without issue!

Next time, Vivian moves out, and Jill becomes our first Generation 3 heiress!

See ya next time, folks!

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