Thursday, September 29, 2016

2.5 Dogs and Glitches

Welcome back to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy)!

Last time, Sebastian, Logan, Julian, and Varian moved out, and triplets Avian, Adrian, and Arrian were born!

This time we begin with this:

You have a problem, Angelina.

What about this situation makes you want to have another one?

Luckily, with Jill and Viv helping out, raising the triplets is fairly easy.  Angelina goes on night duty, and things go pretty smoothly.

Everyone keeps wishing for this, just like the seesaw.  They never use the seesaw.  I wonder if they'll use the slide?

I don't do a lot of toddler spam, but here's a tiny taste of Avian.  She's precious.

Vivian decides she wants to learn to scuba dive.  I don't know how to do that, so I send her snorkeling instead.

It... doesn't make for great pictures, but she finds a shell in the river somehow.

Mixxuchoo's mom comes back for another visit.

As soon as Adrian learns to walk, he starts wandering off into the yard to play.

Double training.  Jillian does most of the toddler care with the parents while Vivian writes.

Vivian, writing.  It's most of what she does.  Although she probably needs charisma to become a Star News Anchor, so maybe I should work on that?

Adrian continues to head to the curb to do things.  Then he has the nerve to cry about it.

Hunter's boxes seem to have disappeared from the stage.  They're still in his inventory, but I can't get them to appear on stage anymore.  Odd.

Avian joins Adrian on the curb.

We should really lock the door.

A dog invites himself in.  Meet Ollie.

He promptly gets in the way.

He is pretty adorable, and never leaves.  I guess we have a dog now.

You may wonder why I don't paint portraits - and it's because the portraits in this game are terrible and cause problems.

But I kind of miss it, so here's a random portrait of Arrian picking her nose.

Mood swing, yada yada..


At least she can only have one this time.

The family loves Ollie, especially Angelina.  They're best friends.

We didn't adopt Ollie, and there's still no option to do so, so I guess he'll just hang out for awhile.

You never want to paint portraits of your children, but the dog you don't even own, sure.

Lucas's wife passes away.  I notice Lucas is an elder in the family tree.

I also noticed that Julian, Varian, and Sebastian no longer exist on the family tree.  Great.

I've never had a dog in the Sims, really, and he is cute.

I buy Ollie some supplies to help him be comfortable.


The house is littered with traps from all the mood swinging teens.

Birthday time!

My game crashed during.  Nothing much was lost, I just hope you appreciate that I had to set their outfits twice.

Avian becomes an Animal Lover.

I'm mostly drawing this out because it took me so long.

Adrian gained the Eccentric trait!

Last one!

Arrian is now perceptive!

She grew up in that hair, so she gets to keep it.

The girls immediately hound the dog, even though Arrian hates the outdoors.

After all the mess with the triplets aging up, I forgot about poor Jillian.  She throws her birthday in the garden, surrounded by gnomes.

Jill is now Irresistible!

She's not moving out, however, because I still haven't decided if she or Vivian will be heir.

Angelina goes into labor in a corner, making me take her picture from outside.

Meet baby girl Lillian!  She's an eccentric artist who loves digitunes, French toast, and the color pink.  She's a Virgo.

And since the house now has 8 Sims again, she's a solo birth.

Jillian is Adventurous and I want to give traveling a try.  She has a wish to go to France, so here we go!

I'll try not to take a million pictures.

We arrive at a quiet little French village.  Pretty!

All right, Jill, you're here!  What's the first thing you want to do?

...We'll save that one for later, okay?

Here's an adventure board - let's try that.

...I think someone made a mistake.

We're sent to explore under a lovely set of ruins.  Luckily, there's a staircase that leads right in!

This seems like hard work.

But she's pretty good at it.

That's right, just stick your hand right into the creepy hole, James Sunderland-style.  Works out great for him.

Oooh, a pretty statue.

And treasure!

This is about the best you could have hoped for.  So many worse things could have been in that hole.

Adventure stance, go!

Then Jill gets trapped in a black void.

I end up using teleport to get her out.

I hate cheating :/

But yay, we got treasure!

Now to buy all the things!

We come home with varieties of grapes, a nectar machine, recipes, nectar skill books, and some relics.  I think that's it.

Then Jill stops being able to talk to people.

I can't do any man-looking or adventures without being able to talk to people, so I send a disappointed Jill home.

Then the game breaks, and she can't go home.

Four tries and some frantic googling later, I finally complete a successful trip to France.  I didn't take any further pictures, but she got her items and Visa level 2.

Complicated travel and a LTW that requires it is really hurting her chances of being the heiress, however.

Next time, will I finally decide on an heir?  Join me and find out!

Goodbye for now!

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