Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1.5 Grounded

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!  Last time, Buck passed away and the kids threw fits.  Only poor Hunter got in trouble for it though.

This time, it's time to actually throw those parties I always meant to throw since Buck was a party animal.  Now we throw them in his honor.

Naturally, on Feast Day, I forget to lock the door so everyone crowds into the awkward skilling room.

Remind me not to invite werewolves over anymore.  Dallas here kept going after the furniture.

The party was only a modest success, but it sure did give us a lot of food!

Tessa gets fed up with Dallas's behavior and brings out the newspaper.

Dallas:  Grrrrr...

Dallas:  RAWR!

Yeah, he's not a dog, Tessa.

After the party, Tessa grounds Hunter again for....?  Not really sure on this one.  He didn't do anything.

Maybe she really doesn't like his hair.

After destroying his family relationships last time, Lucas decides he wants to be friends with Tessa again.  Another elixir smooths things over, and now they're good friends.

Still grounded, Hunters sneaks off...

To school.

He also gets detention.

Lucas stays after school to win some award ceremony for his Debate Club.  Mom is proud!

Lucas wants to catch a bird afterward, but he can't.  He just watches it instead.

Hunter gets grounded for leaving the house to go to school.

Bet he gets grounded if he doesn't go to school too.

Luckily, it's the weekend now.

Nooo!  Buck's not here!  Go away!

Huh.  You can actually see her sitting inside.  There's not really room in there for another person.

Sadly this doesn't stop her from taking Tessa away and probing her a bit.

Cross-eyed, eh?  Must be a birthday!

Lucas is now an adult!  Despite being on the honor roll (remember?), he grows up badly and rolls Charismatic.

He only has one more critter to catch before his LTW is complete.

Lucas zeros in on his last catch....

Only to be whisked away by mandatory graduation.  Boo.

The family queue stomps their way over, but I cancel it.

I didn't even want to go to MY graduation, let alone my sims'.

Lucas graduates with honors (despite growing up badly), and somehow the critter-seeker gets voted as 'Most Likely to Never Leave the House.'

Final bird, caught!  (20/20)

LTW complete!

Next step is to find love.  The gym is the traditional meeting place of this family, and right away Lucas meets Celina Tisseur, a tourist.

They barely get to chat before she goes home, alas.

Falling for someone is apparently very easy for Lucas.

Meet Carlotta Lobos!

Since she actually sticks around, Lucas is able to get his first kiss.

Followed later with a sweet gym-bathroom proposal.

And then a gym-bathroom wedding!

So romantic.

Carlotta is apparently a mermaid, but it wears off before I can get her to the ocean.  So now she's a normal sim.

Although Lucas was my personal choice for heir, the polls are in, and Hunter won!

Welcome to sparedom, Lucas!

Carlotta brought no money in with her, so I 'Kick Out' so they take no money with them.

Feels kind of bad, but that seems to be the only difference.

Lucas takes his doll Juniper, but leaves the rest of his things.  I build a little memorial in his bedroom 'til we need it for something else.

Tessa's off on another free vacation.

Freewill Hunter... Paints.

Dances in the snow.

Paints some more.

Plays chess.

Sends a text to his half-sister Susie.

And is grounded the moment Tessa returns.


(Apparently from 'Trashing the House' - He's just a slob, Tessa!  He got it from Buck!)

Tessa enjoys her last few moments of youth...

(with a kinda creepy smile)

Tessa:  I'm hyperventilating!

She still looks good.

In our new tradition of throwing parties in memory of Buck, we get a Snowflake Day Party.

(I hope that's what it's called, I already forgot)

In our new tradition of not getting the furniture destroyed, we only invite Lucas and Carlotta.

In the spirit of things, Tessa agrees to unground Hunter.

Lucas destroys the snowman and the snow angel.  Rude.

At least it's not the furniture.

Hunter gets.... a rainbow light!  Which is apparently bad?

And then everyone leaves without opening any more gifts.

Turns out Lucas was throwing his own swimwear party, and kindly invites his mother.

Every single day of winter is a snow day, so Hunter spends his time painting.

He takes a break to go to prom!  Where he...

is voted Prom King!  Whoo!
Finds a girlfriend!  Double Whoo!
Gets in a fight!
Can't dance very well, and steps on his new girl's feet!
Wins a dancing contest against someone apparently worse, and gets in another fight!

Hunter invites over his new girlfriend, Angelina MacKenzie for a one on one slumber party.

The party is epic.  Of course :)

Nackerbell curses the garden into a late frost as winter turns to spring.

Birthday time!  With two cakes, of course.

Once again, the party contains only family and up-coming family.

Dallas sneaks in anyway.

It takes a minute, but I figure out how to age up NPCs, and Hunter and Angelina line up at their cakes.

Angelina sparkles first!

And grows up into some rather revealing clothing!

Tessa:  Boo!

Hunter spins next!

Despite growing up into nonsense, his last trait is Evil.

That's all for now, folks!  And Hunter's birthday marks the end of generation one.  Join as next time as Hunter and Angelina take over for gen2!

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