Thursday, September 29, 2016

2.4 Of Course

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!

It's been awhile for me because I had to wait for an heir poll so let me go back and read what happened last time....

Ah, yes.  Hunter and Angelina had Midlife Crisises, Sebastian got a girlfriend, everyone hated Julian, everyone had a mood swing, Angelina and Hunter wanted more children, and Hunter kind of fulfilled that wish by having a baby alien - which was immediately taken from us because the house was full.  I was conflicted, and kind of wish I could have kept him, but alas.  Life moves on.

Varian continues the trend of everyday starting with a mood swing, so Acai stops him from getting out of bed.

Varian rolls the wish to defriend Acai.

Sebastian had the wish to build a miner.  I didn't know what that was, but here he is, apparently building it.

It's a lot bigger than it looked.

Vivian:  Urgh, that is loud!

Hunter:  I'm glad Jillian's doing well in the heir poll.

Vivian:  I'm glad too.

Vivian:  Am I doing well in the heir poll?

Apparently it's loud.  He uses it to dig up rocks and metal I could have found with the collection helper.  Unless it does something else (which it probably does) this may not get used very often.

Julian continues to be hated.

Varian:  You're such a loser.

Julian:  Yeah, well!

Julian:  I'm leaving.

Varian:  Hehe, I win.

Not in the heir polls you didn't.  At least Juls got one vote.

Hunter:  I hope no one dies during my performance this time.

It happens like, every time he's on stage.

Julian gets his revenge on his siblings by peeing on Sebastian.

Seb:  I cannot WAIT to get out of here.

Sebastian also got zero votes, but I don't think he minds.  And I don't mind not having to marry in his family-oriented girlfriend.

Julian:  Whew, I stink.

Angelina:  Yay!

Why is she clapping?

So hungry...

If only there was some way to get to food...

Varian tries to top Julian by peeing next to the toilet, but that really only upsets the maid.  Can't top urinating on your brother.

Jillian:  I'm doing well on the heir polls.

Sebastian:  I'm not, thank boolprop.

Oh, look, it's a new day.  Vivian has a mood swing.

And so does Julian.

I am pretty much ignoring them now.  The novelty has worn off.

Jill's cute, even when she's scared.

Logan needs logic for his science career (I assume), but Sebastian just likes chess.  They like to play together, but they don't like each other.

None of the siblings like each other, actually.  Most of them are snubbing one another.

Thankfully, Sebastian's birthday finally arrives.

Sebastian's last trait is Irresistible (which I spelled wrong).  I think he's cute, and has nice traits, but he got zero votes in the poll, so Seb is out.

In retrospect the picture I took of him for the heir poll was not a good one.  Ah well.

I gave it a lot of thought and decided to age up and move out the other two losers of the poll.  Varian received 1 vote in the time between me writing he had none and this, and Julian also had 1 vote.  Not enough, boys.

Later, I will regret the decision to move them all out together, but alas, at the time I just wanted the space in the house.

Awkward party is awkward.

This does mean the twins' ages will be out of sync, but oh well.

Varian gains the ever interesting Light Sleeper trait.

And Julian rounds out his awesome personality with Childish.

I voted for Julian, but I was alone.

The house now only has five people in it, much to my relief!

Time to crowd it back up!

Yes, this is stupid of me, but they rolled so many wishes!

Jillian's turn.  Getting tired of these daily mood swings.

I usually let them skip school, but there was no school this Monday for some reason.

Angelina masters the Athletic skill, for no particular reason other than she works out autonomously everyday.

We gained a magic gnome, Cranstan.

Angelina is smelly, and pregnant.

They wish for a girl.

Hunter reaches level 9, Master Illusionist.  So close, yet so far to go.

I hear he can perform at the theatre and stadium, but I can't figure out how.

Angelina scolds Jill - I couldn't figure out why until I looked at her employment panel.  Jill is close to failing school for some reason.

Probably because she never went during winter.

But she's so cute!

Luckily, it's just a time-out.

There's lots of chairs.  You could sit down, you know.

Vivian:  I'm good.

Jill prefers to eat in the living room.

A cop takes advantage of Hunter's play for tips crowd to protest ghosts.

There are no ghosts in my legacy!

Starving Angelina will have to wait to enjoy her chili.  Labor begins!

Hopefully the last of generation 3.

Angelina:  I should really get out of the house more.

Little late to think of that now.

A baby is born!

Ahahahahaha, of course she had triplets.

*deep breaths*

Okay.... Okay.  I can do this.

Oh, look, cake.

Once again, only Angelina may touch the babies.

This takes up half the day.

Meet Arrian!  She's a virtuoso who hates the outdoors, likes Egyptian music, grilled cheese, and the color white.  She's a Capricorn.

Meet Adrian!  He's a brave insane baby who loves rock music, ceviche, and turquoise.  He's an Aquarius.

And meet Avian!  She's a grumpy couch potato who likes beach party music (?), grilled cheese, and the color lilac.  She's a Scorpio

I wish they would tell me I'm having triplets, I could have better names ready.

While trying to care for the triplets, I completely miss Logan's adult birthday.

Since I haven't mentioned it, Logan, Jillian, and Vivian all received 3 votes for heir.  So they're tied.

Cherry grows up too!

My intention was to have Logan turn Cherry real and marry her, but these two actually don't get along at all.  I've been trying to build their relationship the whole time he was a teen, and I got no where.

Because of this, Logan will not be heir.

Of course the computer breaks just as I try to move Logan out, so here he is with zero handiness points, fixing it.

I was a little annoyed.

He's fine.  

Jillian smashes her sleeve through a book and finally decides on her LTW - to be the Culinary Librarian.  Sounds fun!

Logan gains the Unstable trait, and promptly moves out.

This is where we'll leave off this time.  Next time, Jill and Viv battle it out for heirship!  Who will win? 

...I haven't decided yet, so who knows!

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