Saturday, September 24, 2016

2.0 Watching the Bar

Welcome to I Don't Play The Sims 3 (A Legacy), Generation 2!  

A new generation means a new house - besides color, it's mostly the same plus the addition of a nursery...

And a second master bedroom for Hunter and his spouse!

Hunter immediately looks for an opening as a magician, but finds nothing.  Lame!

Ah yes, mandatory graduation.  What a joy.

I don't attend, and as soon as he's free, Hunter visits the long-lived Rainer Kowling, who offers him a position as a magician.  Whoo!

Not even bothering to change out of his robes, Hunter aka "Lumiere" gets to work as a Novice Trickster.

Since Tessa sadly won't live forever, Hunter takes over the gardening duties.

Performing in the rain can't be much fun, but he manages to become a Newbie Illusionist.

Hunter attends a Simfest, where I hear he can join in, but he's too late.

He plays for tips instead, until he's rudely interrupted by an old man dying.

Back home, Hunter sees no reason to put off proposing to Angelina.

One quick ceremony later...

And they're married!  If only it was that easy.

Angelina wants to have five children.  Hooray.

Also... what is vegetarian grilled salmon made of?

Another gnome spawns.  Butternut is joined by Winkletail.

Buck left us enough money for Hunter to buy a few props once he starts performing. 

I don't know how props affect your show, but I figure the more the better, right?

Time to get started on that family.

And throw that phone away.

With five incoming kids, Angelina is definitely going to be a stay-at-home mom.  She decides to take it seriously and learns some cooking skill.

This does not stop her from constantly rolling up wishes to join careers, however.  Especially dangerous ones like Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting.

Baby one is on the way!

Both parents wish for a boy.

Hunter is racing up the ranks and becomes a Sim of Mystery!

Tessa meanwhile is enjoying the freewill I tend to give to elders.  They've earned it.

After the mishap with Buck, I'm keeping careful track of her age.  She's 82 as of this picture.

Hunter supplements his meager earnings with paintings, while Angelina shows her plumbob and learns more recipes.

These gnomes breed like gnomes!

I don't think I named the third one.

The more the better continues to be our strategy for magic performances.

Angelina:  How many of these did I want?!

Tessa:  Mm...  Dinner... (84)

Baby boy Sebastian is born!

Seb is Eccentric and Hates the Outdoors.  He loves Latin music, stir-fry, green, and is a Gemini.

Level 4, Conjurer achieved!

Tessa on freewill is a lovely grandma.  I'm surprised how well she takes care of Sebastian.


Half-sister Susie volunteers for the box of mystery!  Woooo!

It would have gone better if you hadn't stabbed her.  Should really master these tricks before performing them on stage.

Level 5, Slight of Hand Savant, is the last promotion we'll see in a while, for reasons which will eventually become clear.

Thankfully, Tessa and Angelina get along well!


More grandbabies on the way!  Once again, both parents wish for a boy.

This legacy is not allowed girls.

Hunter's evil trait tries to hurry Tessa's end.


Pregnancy continues to mock my clothing choices, but leaves her tights and boots in tact.

She looks like she's rockin' it though,, so you go, Angelina!

Angelina usually manages to sneak a workout in every day.  Thankfully Tessa cares for the baby while she's busy.

Hmm, baby left alone on the floor.  Time for a birthday!

Little Sebastian has Tessa's red hair!  He looks a lot like Lucas to me.

It's probably because they have the same hair.  I can't tell facial features apart.

Hunter is a good father and helps train his son's skills.

He wishes to quit his job, but no can do.  It's your LTW.  You're just like your father.

At least Hunter can take a break from working.  Good thing too, because mom is busy.

Very busy!

Meet baby boy Logan!  He's Eccentric and Disciplined, enjoys Egyptian music, Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches, and Hot Pink.  He's a Scorpio.

Tessa has reached the end of her life bar.  (90)

How dare Hunter hog his son when Tessa doesn't know how much time she has left!

Since toddler skilling didn't really do that much, I let Sebastian play with Holly instead.

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better.  It's so adorable!

Tessa spends as much time with her grandkids as possible.


Hunter:  RAWR!

Delayed gasp!

That's it for this time.  I hope you enjoyed!  See you next time!


  1. Some stuff 'cuz, if you're like me and have no idea the sims wiki exists and then continue to ignore its existence, here's what to know. 1) Surrounded By Family goes a lot faster if you have multiples. Have the mom listen to Kids Music and watch the Kids TV station. The bonuses stack. Also, Fertility Treatment life-time reward...but only if you're committed to never having single babies ever again.
    2) You can influence gender by having mama eat apples (for boys) or watermelons (for girls). You can get mixed gender twins/triples if you eat one fruit type, have a high-level doctor announce the gender, then eating the other fruit type.
    3) Angelina's boots and tights are awesome. That is all.

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    I didn't know about the kids Music/TV! Thanks for the tip! As you will see, I do indeed know about fertility treatments. I wasn't ready.

    I remember the apples thing from when it first came out (couldn't remember what it was for girls, though, thanks!) I don't like to influence genders, but when I kept getting boys I was suspicious they were eating apples without me noticing XD

    Angelina rocks whatever she wears. /nod