Monday, September 26, 2016

2.2 12xBirthday GO

Welcome back to I Don't Play the Sims 3 (A Legacy)!

Last time, Logan and Cherry grew up while twins Juls and Jill were born and reached toddlerhood.

This time, as you may guess by the title, is birthdayville for everyone.

The house is getting a little chaotic with 6 sims to worry about, and there's at least one more on the way.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this so early into my attempts to play Sims 3, but we're going for it.

The whole family grieves for Tessa (now safely in Hunter's inventory).  Cherry can only offer so much comfort.

Logan wanders off to cry it out while Jillian learns to walk!

And so does Julian!

I... don't know what's going on.  Why did I take this picture?  What is he doing?

I guess I'll take this time to note that Sebastian wanted to be a Zoologist, but he's already enough like Lucas.  Then he rolls up Animal Rescuer and I lock it in before realizing that A) Logan is the cat lover, not Seb and B) Seb hates the outdoors.

Birthday #1 is here!

Angelina tries to go to the hospital, but I deny her.  Home births seem to take less time, and I'm anxious for the baby.

(#1) Meet baby Varian!

Varian is Evil (like Hunter and Julian) and Brave.

Varian enjoys country music, crepes, and the color green (like Sebastian).  He's a Scorpio.

Now imagine the blanket is pink!  Ready?

(#2) Meet baby Vivian!

Vivian is a Clumsy Loner.  She enjoys R&B, Chili Con Carne, and the color white.  Somehow, she is an Aries despite her twin being a Scorpio because this makes sense.

I am so screwed.

Jillian:  =D

Despite playing around as an astronaut, when I pause the game, Logan's face resets.

Emote for me, darn you!

I forgot it was Sebastian's birthday. (#3)

Sebastian is now Handy.  And kind of handsome.  Maybe I'll stop mixing him up with Lucas now.

He's also a great brother!

In an effort to keep ages in line but also make everyone a teen at the same time for the heir poll, the older twins age up a little early.

Once again, only Angelina may approach the cake.

(#4) Jillian is now Ambitious, and takes a little of her twin's turquoise into her outfit.

(#5) Julian is now Neurotic, and does the same with Jill's orange.

Angelina is quick to get back in shape after her many pregnancies.

Hunter may be crying because they both have wishes for another baby locked in.  There's already 8 sims in the house.

Due to hating the outdoors, I switch Sebastian's LTW from Animal Rescuer to Monster Maker.  He is Eccentric and Handy, so this seems to fit (after much research, anyway).

Julian:  I think Lulu forgot she was trying to take emoting pictures to give us character.


(I did.  Too many babies)

Someone gave us this as a gift.  Since Angelina doesn't have any mothering to do right this second, and doesn't need any specific skill, she gives it a go.

All the (older) kids at the table at once!  A miracle!

It's a snow day, but the bus comes anyway.  It will continue to do this all winter, because every day of winter is a snow day.

They get accused of skipping school, but not only did they go, they got kicked out an hour later.

After this, I just cancel the bus ride.

You literally cannot have more babies right now.  You have to wait.

It's the younger twins' birthday!  (#6 and #7)

Varian is an adorable blonde.

And so is Vivian!  She also stole Jill's haircut.

Varian is sad I don't customize toddlers.

Meanwhile, Julian is secretly a neat sim.  He's always rolling wishes to make the bed, wash dishes, and clean things.

Sebastian wakes up with a mood swing, possibly because he blends into his bedroom walls.

He doesn't do anything interesting, though.  He wants to skip school, but it's a snow day anyway.

Julian steals candy from Vivian, despite the fact that Vivian never had any candy.

Vivian:  My caaaandyyyyyyy!


All the kids grow up badly because the never go to school.

Jillian:  Why don't I know how to read?!

Jillian:  I figured it out!  We don't have to go to school because we're rich anyway.  We don't need to be smart!

Wrong.  This legacy family is still very poor.  Granted I just built them a huge house, but still very poor.

The only other 'rebellious' thing Sebastian does is grow a little soul patch and streak some black into his hair.  I think he looks nice, and he clearly agrees.

That is not a part of any of your outfits, Jill.

Vivian:  I'M HUNGRY!!


Vivian:  Feed me, daddy!

Varian:  Nooooo!

Snowflake day rolls around again!  We gather in the tiny living room rather than the giant skilling room with tons of open space.

For parties, we generally just invite family.  Susie and Trigger, Hunter's half-brother and -sister, come over, but Lucas doesn't bother this year.  His wife Carlotta doesn't even appear on the list anymore.

Trigger is apparently a vampire, while Susie has previously become a fairy.  I guess they'll be around for awhile.

I don't take pictures, but we get tons of gifts and the family has a good time.

Snowflake Day breaks the TV though.  Sebastian is Handy, but his skill is still pretty low, so this is dangerous.

Works out fine, though.

We round out the day with many a snowmen, and evil Julian destroys a snow angel.

Jillian mixes is up with a Hockey Snowman!

The next day is a birthday montage:

(#8) Angelina is an adult, and has a midlife crisis!

(#9)  Hunter is an adult, and has a midlife crisis!

(#10)  Logan is a teen and is a Natural Cook.

(#11)  Varian is a child and a Virtuoso.

(#12)  Vivian is a child and a Vehicle Enthusiast.

And that's all the birthdays I can handle.  I hope you enjoyed!  See you next time!

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  1. Dear god! That's a lot of birthdays! O_O

    Just want to say, I love the wall and floor covering of that house. They're so colorful but not blinding! :D